Pls stop this nonsence

Flare, pls stop this conquest nonsence. Too time consuming (even when its 5 days), we have a life! Just take it out, no added value, no fun, many members will leave. You are killing the game

only if war/ ninja rotation goes back to normal with festivals anticipated every month. otherwise, im ok with it.

-first conquest, i made mistake of leaving thinking i could return to alliance i started with and was locked out.

-second conquest, was on a decent alliance that made some good moves and could have tied up the majority of the aggressors alliance on one square for more than 2 days. 28 or 29 of them in one spot, while the other aggressor backed off and watched to see what would happen. but they caved and backed off and seemed to whimper into a deal. made me sick. as soon as deal was made, this alliance attacks the fourth and weakest alliance and tears down their towers. wanted to puke. asked them to stop and compared it to flies wings being pulled off and more than slightly hypocritical of them acting this way.

they stopped, but what a bad move. i left when conquest was over and kept head low until prizes were given

-third conquest, am in a much lower tier with better prizes that need 17 for 3 voucher chest, 30 for 3 pearl chest, 60 for 3 special uber chests with 5 items each and 90 for pet chests.

easy. this alliance very well clear all 3 from field if deals are not made. omg so easy its night and day compared to the bad show from second conquest.


must suck to be somehow ‘tied’ to one alliance and not find whats best for you instead of whats best for someone who owns that gang and can kick or demote or do whatever they want with no recourse.

must really suck having this artificial allegiance with no hook of your own to barb self into it.

so, you have choice… deal with it and take what you get, switch alliances until you find something best for you, or have team drop tiers so they can be placated with easy prizes just cause you showed up. lol

Feel the same.