plz postpone the next war..

These events are occurring too often… The memories the last conquest is still fresh and a new conquest is here and what is more horrible is next war will start just 2-3 days after it ends… I know you have informed that you will follow this cycle of con-war-ninja but now it feels too much overdose. We have real lives too. If you will continue with this frequency then very soon everyone will get tired of RR2. Even those players will run away who are enjoying it very much ( count me in this group). Next war must be postponed 

3 week cycle is too much.

4 week or even longer cycle (with not more than 1 Conquest per cycle!) would be better for the players.

I hope Flare reconsiders this.

The order frequency of time player need for the event is Conquest :arrow_right: War :arrow_right: Ninja. By doing that cycle continuously player will tired fast. Players need rest from the event that taking too much time (especially conquest). Flare should know that player don’t just do the event (War, Ninja, and Conquest) in this game. There are League, Pro League, Festival, etc. Don’t make players tired playing the game for goodness sake. Game should entertain players, make them happy, not forcing players and make them feels tired. If you guys still apply that cycle I’m sure more players will skip certain event or even leave the game. This is a good game, don’t make it bad.


It’s indeed overkill. We just had ninja event and less than 2 days after that ninja event ends the next conquest is starting. After that conquest ends, we have a few days of relaxing (if there is no festival!) a new war season starts, 2 days after that once again ninja. 

It’s just too much now, We need at least a 4 week cycle and especially after conquest it would be nice to have more days as recess.

I like conquests, but after spending a lot of time on the game (even during work!) during a conquest, we need time to recover somewhat.

I prefer the rewards will be very high in Conquest but less often like 1 month or 1 conquest in 2 month. If Ninja Event and War Season can happen less too. Flare must understand people have life and we are not married to RR2. For me of course if I have lots to do in my life I don’t play much in RR2. My life don’t turn around RR2 sorry Flare.

The key is teamwork. If you’re too tired to handle conquest after ninja, just take turns to coordinate the team. If player A, B, C, D, E are leading this conquest, let F, G, H, I, J handle the next etc. Have like a de facto “commander” in the event.


The map is already significantly smaller. If you’re not the one coordinating, it’s actually not that tiring to follow the plan of others and move your pieces.

Postpone the next conquest instead by 6 months or so


I would suggest a 4-week Conquest->Ninja->War->Ninja cycle. Ninja event is the most relaxing event, lasts only 4 days instead of 5 (though you can be finished after less than 3) and it doesn’t effect the whole alliance that much if some people don’t want to do anything at all (bye bye def-ninjas, but people not fighting in war is surely worse).

I dont like conquest and this current ongoing conquest war ninja cycle at all. The conquest takes much time online. And yeah like every one saying only 2 days to rest and another event? Thats too much. If I dont want to play conquest I fear that my alliance will kick me without even warning me. Conquest is forced on many players. There should be a war and one weak nothing, then ninja event and again a weak empty then conquest and again a weak empty. That would be very fun and we will enjoy the game. It wont be a big burden like now!

I think finding a happy medium between the players who log on to kill a little time and have some fun, and those who have no lives except to obsess over RR2 all day long is the trick.  Both groups have every right to play and have legitimate complaints if there’s too much/not enough to do.  Most of us fall somewhere in between those two extremes and for many of us, we try to do our best but can’t possibly be on as much as the game is starting to demand of us.  The Conquest, as it is set up, should be it’s own game- period.  It is SO different from the usual RR2 gameplay that it confuses many or defeats the reason we started playing this game.  It’s supposed to be a “diversion” from life, not a JOB.  Those of us with actual jobs, family, friends, kids, etc. need some time to ourselves, too.  That’s the reason we started playing this game- it was a fun little “me time” thing to do and after about a half-hour or so, we could get back to reality.  Now, it’s so time consuming, it’s ridiculous!  It’s become a social experiment to see how well we can work together and communicate as a team to accomplish our goals.  Which, in theory is fine, but let’s be realistic- this is a GLOBAL game.  We do our best to communicate, but it’s very difficult with some languages and translators only do so much.  If they want to make a GLOBAL game, they need to make it user-friendly.  Otherwise, it’s no different than throwing a proverbial grenade in  a room and watching us all lose our minds trying to figure out how to get rid of it before it goes off.  The game has deviated from it’s roots too far.  Conquest should be RR3.  RR1 was a single-person game.  RR2 is a team game.  Why couldn’t they have brought out Conquest as a separate entity?  At least run it by focus groups if they want to make it such an integral part of the game!  Work the kinks out of it, give it what it needs, and THEN begin the social experiment.  CQ/War/Ninja/CQ/War/Ninja is just laziness.  Give us a week between CQ and the wars at least.  If people complain because they’re bored, then go outside and take a walk or something.  Not everyone wants to be online 24/7.  Flare has to decide who they want to alienate- the small amount of people who complain because they want something to do or the large amount of people who want it to just be a game, not a job.  There are other things to do if you’re bored, but you can’t magically find more time to just play a game.  

Conquest once a quarter would be best in my opinion.  Wars and Ninjas alternate weeks.  or with one off in between.  Let the conquest be a special event, not a routine.

What if a conquest is spread over two weeks… Three days on this weekend and three days on next weekend. May he it is a silly idea ???

Sounds a good topic , flares should look into this … just playing rr2 24*7 is no fun , we ain’t tied to it , we r not animals without brains , people have their own real life too … we ain’t living in a fictional fantasy world , flares plz look up … many players have already left!"

Yes I have, but more importantly, what you said has proven my point. It is precisely because there’s a lot to be done in conquest, it is better to divide the roles and even take turns to handle those roles. If the problem is finding people interested enough to take up those roles, or if you can’t trust your own teammates enough to let them take up those roles, that’s a problem that you need to fix.

It’s a war game where teamwork is needed. How you decide to divide the roles effectively is up to you, there’s no hard and fast rule. If you divide it in such a way that your team cannot operate because some people are not online, that’s you being inefficient in the game.


You don’t know how to play the mode properly and you’re calling me an amateur. How ironic.

you guys are crazy

Hi guys, please no personal insults. ?

Regarding the topic title: There are no plans to postpone the next war.

As for the general feedback on the schedule: Thank you, I have forwarded the feedback to the developers.

These are not insults. Only friendly gossips. Don’t worry I never mind if someone saying rude things about me. I hope they don’t mind as well.

I agree that the schedule seems a little clumped at the moment. I would be in favor of having the Conquest once a month, since it’s the longest of all events. Maybe have ninja twice a month. I think everyone would like that. Ninja is BY FAR the funnest event, in my opinion, and it also gives out some of the best rewards!