Point System?

So I rarely speak on forum unless I want to call someone out or speak on BS that flare or other players whine about.  Last night I did the norm with so called offensive language.  Should i just hide it like LMFAO.  Is that OK?  Regardless I got a 2 point warning???  I don’t know what that means and neither do other players who speak often on this forum…Care to explain this point system?    


It’s a very simple system. You do something wrong, we give points. And eventually, sanctions apply on your account.

Forums are not the place for you to use bad language. We do not allow this kind of behavior. You are free to express what you want to say, but minding your language is important. It doesn’t take that much time to do and makes everybody much more receptive to what you are saying. ^_^

I hope this will help.


ok ty for the explanation i will stay off forums as normal for me :slight_smile: