Poll about 2.2.0

Like Bladestorm suggested I make a new one for everyone vote. Before Vote tell me if its ok, if not I can make changement. I Think I forgot nothing this time :slight_smile:

its a multi choice answer you can select more than one

OK I think its ok now!!! You can vote

Thanks to this update, I have realized that I have a real life too. Time to get back to real life. Bye bye!  :slight_smile:

Hi, Bert. Are you quitting, bro?

Seems like so. I will see how it goes in this season with this new update. But this is not the update for which I will spend my money or time. I have already given up the hopes of catching up with the top players, That was my real motivation to play the game.

It’s too early to say goodbye. I will evaluate the outcome of the war season, before I judge any further. If that season is spoiled/ruined by skull perks of other alliances we are facing, then fun is evaporating.

I realy like this game, but there are borders crossed this time they should have stayed far away from. It’s a disgrace that they introduced uber perks, buyable for a lot of gems. Some will like it, while others hate it. But I think it’s not smart to give perks on every possible item, like the skull perks. Before you could only find it on a few item types, now you can get them everywhere. And introducing improved skills for troops that are not forgable that can only be found on these items, is a slap in the face of free players. Without these packages those players can’t compete any longer.

Sure… we can get some of these uber chests also by spamming everyone we know and try to seduce them to enter our friend codes. I refuse to do so.

What’s the use of improving items the normal way, we need to invest months of time and energy and keep improving items to a descent level, while others just get better items within just a few clicks? They even can get statistics on troops plus spells that are impossible to forge by us right now. Take extended range of cannons by 33%, realy?  In offense those cannons have range 8+ and the only thing capable of hitting it is a boosted bomb tower. I can’t even forge my skull towers to a range able to defend themselves against such power! Even for a firebolt it’s hard to do so. So the hero just need additional troops to protect the cannons and use spells to take out defending troops, nothing more, nothing less. Towers will be shot down anyway. What skill is required here? Oh wait, we should upgrade our waves to max by using gems, not that it helps much, but at least we tried…

My enthousiasm has dropped close to zero now, such mistakes can’t be undone, unless you now put limits on max stats of perks. this is ruining the game and players who needed a final push, will definitely fall over the edge now.