Poll: Are you quitting RR2 or continuing to play?

Hi guys,

There is a lot of discussion about the recent changes going on at the moment.
Many players already said they will quit due to this (like oPelle for example) or are thinking about quitting, others embrace or try to embrace the change.

I think its time again to count the votes. How bad is it really?
In the end, many individuals decide if the changes were a sucess or a recepie to failure of the game.

This poll is anonymous, so you can vote without your mates knowing what you are planning to do.

Thanks for participating!

Very good poll, and I think you’re right, if the vote is split, then it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s that bad of an update. Of course, it still is the worst ever if there are many leaving

Nice poll

for now this poll show to Flare 4.0 its the final nail in the coffin for them. I am not surprise but a little to see so much players will leaving. So its official RR2 is dead. Not really the best to die its sad :slightly_frowning_face:

I think a lot will be decided by the fact how time consuming the new conquest will turn out to be and how alliance gold absorbing buildings and cetera will be. also it will depend on the rewards. When during a war, gold is comparable low like during war season (50k- gold), then it would force a lot of players to quit. 

Yes, the game was boring before 4.0 plus rebalancing, so having to upgrade towers and obstacles I can live with. At least it will force me to start raiding during recess. Having said it, the so called balancing has some deep impact on my favorite combo and it’s not only mine. Ceres, hammerstrike, bladestorm, wolf, ogre are just a few to mention that are ‘rebalanced’ with negative impact. 5 out of 7 are affected, wow. 

It only shows that flare gives us untested versions and has no clue how to properly test new introduced pals and other stuff. Who else came up with original idea of 20/21 morale in the first place and all those other statistics for Ceres? Or was this intended, let players do huge investments and then suddenly make it much weaker. I hope this is not the case. 

I can live with nerf of one of my favorite items, but 5 out of 7 at once? Most players aren’t residing in a team that can have all boosts active and definitely majority can’t keep up pro boosts. so what combos they must start to use? Or should they now focus on raiding lower hero levels and take the fun away from those players. 

I am blessed that my team still has dracomancer and that we can turn off animation. So I still have an alternative. If the main purpose of reducing morale was to make it no longer possible to copy conquest boosted vikings, then it would have been enough to add a condition that such a viking can’t be copied by Ceres. 

So far I have been able to beat bases and get gold for upgrading a building, but a lot of my members already said they now can melt their gold gear. It’s almost  undoable to beat bases that have some gold with it. They better raid with full combat gear, otherwise the percentage of losses is too high or they need to spend a lot of extra time (plus face a lot of frustration losing raid after raid) to get enough gold.  

Oh wait, should the members that still can get gold, raid for them, open their bases and leave temporary the team to share gold? That sounds absurd and it is, make sure that players can get descent gold to be able to do upgrades. 

I will wait for the outcome of the conquest. If it’s very time demanding, for me the time has come to retire. 

Nice poll. Every possible options available.

Great Poll MK and you already know my answer as well and I know yours too.

I understand that it is very tough to say goodbye but it is also to note here that the game has become more of a burden then a fun game for the active players… 

Cool thanks. I still can’t access my RR2 game so I’ll spend my time searching for a new game to play.


@BATTLEHOUSE You can go in off-topic and see my topic about suggested games on IOS but if you want my preference

Card games : Order and Chaos Duels and SpellSouls (developer have rebuild the entire graphic and gameplay its awesome)

RPG : Monsters Legend,Epic summoners,magic rush,idles heroes,Mobile legends,War and Magics,Goddes Primal and many mores

Too much amazing games

Honestly look my list of games those are really awesome and worth it not RR2. So I hope people will all quit. Don’t lose youe time with RR2. Its not the same game like 2014. RR2 is totally destroyed by this update. So check in your app store and you can find 20 or 30 games better than RR2


Dude you just started playing you have no idea yet how good it WAS and how BAD it is now.


Go ask guys who have played this game for 3+ years how much it sucks now.


I have lost my level 115 account which flare cannot get me back. I am still enjoying my new account. I know how the game was. If you try to adjust you will find something, a little good in this update. Just try to settle down. Wait for first conquest event. There are good rewards in it which may change the game of many low level players.

Settle down? Try not even being able to play and see the new update for 4 days since 4.0 came out.

Then try to remain calm while NO ONE from flare responds?


Everything is going fine for me. First I was facing disconnections and then, everything became normal. You will get good gold amount in battles because everyone is trying to upgrade them before the first conquest event.

Game suuuuuuuuuucks now

Pay2win gone overboard. like all games are pay to win, and flare did very well back in the day with alysea monitoring the forums and the game being fun.  Simple mechanics, if you started the game later it wasn’t that much effort to catch up. if you wanted to go top about $50 could get you there. In 1.9 they released the blacksmith which was really cool and was something that made the game a lot of fun and gave players who wanted to get ahead the opportunity to do so if they tried hard enough. it wasn’t till the war system changed a bit for the worst and many top teams started giving up and getting bored in 2016 did the game take a turn for the worst. so what flare do? they release pals. now the games boring and isn’t fun anymore, i used to raid 2hours a day winning diamond leagues with 100k+ medals or losing them to others with 150k+. now you lucky to see anything near that score that isn’t trying to break the league record for gems. Now been residing in the bronze league for months. Games gone from over a million players down to barely 10k active players, 5k of them most likely second accounts.

Now if you start from scratch takes you at least 1.5-2 years upgrading 24/7 with the need to spend hundreds of dollars to catch up. 

Nice one flare.

Impossible to improve and fix from this situation unless flare go back in time and fix their mistakes.


i like most other players strongly think about quitting but is afraid to do so for the amount of time and effort and love that the game might one day turn for the better…

Flare, when you read this, consider the players, we only play because its a fun game with plenty of competition and reason to play actively. have something new thats not pay to win and it will result in more people paying to enjoy. Don’t think, if we make things more expensive = more money. No, if you get things a bit cheaper and then just have more of them, it not only balances the unhappiness and makes everyone happy, but it gives you guys more profit. bit late now that you killed of 900 thousand players from the game. 

Heres the idea:

More players + Happiness = Spends money = Big profit

Less players + Unhappy players = Spends a lot of money = Good profit, but not as good as the Big Profit, also it won’t last as long as every day there will be less and less players…

Fatah has created excitement in our case. But yesterday's update has made us sad. It is not possible to fight with normal equipments.

Thanks for your engagement.
It is just the right moment to do it, to show FG opinions of a lot of player 

This is the thing Flare should consider. More and more events should be taken like community event, alliance party, pal festival.