[Poll] Calling your Units

Hey guys!


Do you use the Hero Scream (button in the top left corner) to call your units?

Do you think that Items with Scream Boost are useful?

I use them often to drag raiding party from choke points but scream boost is not necessary , the normal cooldown is enough

choke points and corner towers around the gate are only uses

There’re screem boost??? I never see one.

its the ! symbol items

Totally agree!

With a toggle for changing effect (like attack/ defense buff for some seconds for shouted units) it will be more useful to shout around the area.

it is the most unless features in the game.

They should make portal free to replace the scream.

fall back,you must scream or your troops will go further

Oh, I just realise that ! symbol that mean scream boost, because my game language translation look strange.

well noticed my fosters dont come up towards me to get corner towers when at the castle gate not sure if its a bug as they also dont attack barricades lol silly frosters

does anyone use frosters?

I do, but only for defense, since they are quite slow on attack.

whats your ingame name id like to see your base

Sir Cloudi - feel free to look around. :wink:

im going to try to beat your base only frosters and king no spells :wink:

lmao only 50% your firebolt towers at the start held the frosters back pretty hard lol

who else thinks the fire rate of the cannons are too slow? 

i don’t

No, they are pretty strong maxed, even with low fire-rate.