POLL: Granny purchases! (Dec 2017)

OK, so Granny finally decided to find some Uber items to sell. Strange thing: the cost of items is MORE than the cost of an Uber Chest (remember an Uber Chest contains at least 1 Uber item… and a heap of other stuff). How does that make sense? Because the item is “not random” (i.e. you can see its stats before purchase), than maybe the SAME cost as an Uber Chest might make sense (i.e. you sacrifice all the other stuff to get exact item). Costing more than an Uber Chest ONLY makes sense if the Granny is offering something you actually really want (theoretically the game SHOULD know what to offer: it can see what you like to wear / collect / forge).  But since the items seem to be randomly generated, this is unlikely. Thus, in almost all cases you’re better off buying an Uber Chest (600 gems) or bundle of Uber Chests (5 chests for 1500 gems is a common special offer).

Fundamentally, I think Flare have missed how MOST players use Granny: to buy items to get rid of excess gold (or to buy items for gold to feed blacksmith… if you want to spend gems to feed blacksmith, buy Uber chests!). Also, players starting off should NOT be spending gems in Granny’s shop: you are doing them a disservice in trying to tempt them to do so!!! I for one would prefer if Granny ONLY offered items for Gold: over a range of values: that way when I have an excess 3 million gold, I can just buy the 3 million gold item.

Anyway there a few Granny threads, the recent ones that come to mind:

In the last one, Heroesflorian suggested a poll… so here it is!


Oh: and I’m 9 months… because when I was a young Level 20-something, I was rash and silly.

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Almost 7 million gold for a seemingly unimpressive uber item? Dafuq is wrong with you, you old hag! :angry:

Well at least it ain’t 400+ gems for something far more crap…

For that kind of money granny should be making me custom gear that I design myself. Or from blueprints found during raids (like you find perks for granny to include in the gear you’re designing). Wouldn’t that be a lot more fun?

Getting ubers for gold is great. 7 million is not that much to be fair.

Granny’s items are always waste , its garbage for me. I always have a better weapon that granny offers even weapons that costs gems are weaker than my available weapons.

WHAT!! That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen! LOL. 7 Million Gold for that piece of crap. What in the world. That makes no sense. C’mon Granny, is there inflation or what? lol

Getting Uber’s from Gold. Like the idea but for a business point of view (FG’s) this will never happen.

Gold you get for free. I can generate at least 6-8 mil free Gold a week. It would make the point of having to get Gems void. The purchase of Gems is their source of income.

I understand and completely agree with putting Uber Items in the shop to buy, but at least make the items unique and worthwhile. Don’t make them items that we would toss every time we came across them in chests

Well I guess I stand corrected, you can get Ubers for gold. Not surprisingly, it’s a lot of gold (nearly half a max treasury!). And even less surprisingly, it’s a useless item. Well fingers crossed, next time I have a cool 7 million gold to dump that Granny has an Uber on offer for gold and not gems.

Because the only thing Granny is good for is to convert gold to pearls via the Blacksmith.


You mean to pearls I assume. And yes, this item should give around 162 pearls if you buy it and send to Blacksmith for meltdown. You still need to pay around 350k gold for melting it down, but ok.



Corrected. I must’ve been dreaming. Or wishful thinking. LOL.

Those 13 people who say they’ve “Never” bought something from Granny are lying. Everyone, at one point, has bought something, either for gold or for pearls. And, at the beginning of the game, Granny is actually not that bad. She offers some helpful equipment

better read the question in the poll again

it says to buy gear from granny for wearing (i m 1 of the 13 ones)

and yes, i was just melting items from granny nd was never wearing anything nor buying for pearls/gems at granny

okay, yeah you’re right, sorry about that. I should always double check before posting something like that. But, at the beginning of the game (at least, for me) I bought equipment from her that was actually really helpful in battle

Yeah: me too. Both on the got to double check when posting & the reason I bought gear to wear from Granny.

In hindsight, I wasted my resources buying gear to wear from Granny: the bit of gear that I got, while helpful, was quickly replaced (next day) by something else: and I don’t think the gear I got from Granny was helpful enough… i.e. I could have stuck it out with my shitty gear, waiting for better gear, rather than wasting resources on Granny (i.e. I did have another use for the resources… but I thought “ooo, gear”). Turns out finding better gear happens all the time. OK, so maybe good rings and belt buckles are harder to find… but that’s what festivals are for!

Maybe some players actually read the wiki BEFORE playing?? (Not me - which does mean there are things I have missed out on  :slightly_frowning_face: ).

6 - 8M a week? Which level you are?

You should get this in a day or two if you raid a few strong bases … Or do you mean just by farms?

I am below level 60 and I don’t attack much if at all. I am fine building just as is. No cash is spent on this game either nor do I consider getting a subscription to boost Gold.

Yes, I can Pro league if I wanted to but not my style. Do I want to upgrade my Viking and put more basilisk’s towers into play? Sure, but all  due time. Most likely the first tower will be started this week. After that I will build till I get all of it to the max. Maybe then I might consider levelling my ruler up more seriously.

I get my kicks in seeing players 15-20 levels higher then me grinding my castle aka spent Gems on just to be able to crash the gate and defeat me (aka getting 100% win).

Btw if I really wanted I can get at least 4 million a day. But there is more to live then this game. So I read a book, watch a movie. Take care of daily tasks like getting dinner done. Work for a living. Playing this game is just in between time which I can and I am willing to spent on it.

You have totally right and I agree with what you said.People who have play this game before version 2.5.0 (December 2015) have use Granny each day because in the past the stuffs was really awesome in Granny Shop and the forge and Uber was not in the game. After version 2.8.0 or something around in October 2016 with the introduce of Ninja Event. Player can now find easily Uber items and better items in Wars Season in chest. So maybe new players after version 2.8.0 have never buy or go in Granny Shop but older player have use Granny Shop so many time.  

Honestly I think the 13 person who say never totally lie. When I have create my account on my iPad maybe 7 month ago same if Uber and forge is in the game now. At low level you have no choice to buy new stuffs in Granny Shop. You really need leadership or gold boost,etc… So its impossible a player never use Granny or you are really patient like hell and play only 1 or 2 time a day and don’t care to lose because you have no good equipment and must wait to obtain stuffs via COF or via daily chest,etc…I don’t believe the 13 person who have say Never

at low level between level 1 and 20. You need Granny to equip your Hero. Later at level 80+ when you have unlock all 8 slots you need to buy items to melt items for pearls. You can find via COF but if you have the gold you can buy green items for 300k and less. 

its obvious every person who say never its just pure lie and nothing else. I don’t believe them