(Poll) "Multiplayer" Mode QoL Ideas


This is a dipstick survey to glean the general preference of players on war formats. Please read carefully & select only those option(s) most relevant to you. Some options are provided to eliminate cross-contamination of preferences. 

  • If there are any errors in the information provided in the questions, please post a comment below & I will correct them. 
  • If you have personal opinions/ preferences/ agendas on this topic, please avoid posting them as Comments; use the poll’s options for that. 

Thanks in advance. ☺️

What is a non-war alliance?

An alliance that has decided they would prefer to not participate in war. An idea that’s being felt out in this poll it seems.


Alliances currently have the option of very, very casually participating in war. I guess they always had that option, but you don’t lose anything by losing a war, and if you play enough to get into one of the ranked leagues you still get some rewards even if you do very poorly. I don’t see how having the option to turn off war would be much better.

Also, while the poll is very well-designed and thoughtful, the devs just spent 6 months designing and bugfixing this current version of war. Suggestions to COMPLETELY scrap it and start over (the open war) probably aren’t very practical right now. Your time might be better spent suggesting ways that this war system could be optimized and improved, @AriesRising. It sounds like a nice concept, but it’s so different from what we have that it’s probably not going to be really put on the list of things to consider. 

I think there are ways to get some of the “open war” feel in the current war system, though, and I’ve wrote about it before. Part of the way to do that is to reduce fury/increase cooldown time. This would make it so you have less fury to spend and each attack becomes very important. It means a player has to log in less often but each time is more meaningful.