Poll: Raiding Combos

I wanted to know popular raiding combos to know people’s choices. :slight_smile:

I can’t vote, my fav combos aren’t there :slightly_frowning_face:  

Never mind, you can write it down here. You can vote for other & write down the combo.

So whats your combo KK

Well, my favourite boosted combo is Blazing Knights + Power Archer + Monk. With that I am able to bring down gates easily because monks continuously heal my troops.

My favourite Unboosted combo is Arblaster + Cannon + Monk. I replace those arblasters with frosters if I face too many gargoyle nests.

mines are arblaster + cannon + knights or froster

Lol, can’t vote here. Too many choices and not all can be in the poll.

Anyway, the combos change according to the base you raid. Also, combos change cause flares nerf troops all the time.

Right now going with arbs+pyros+cannons. Don’t need any boosts.