Poll: rate RR2 now compared to before

I was kinda bored, so I decided to pop over to the forums for the first time in several months and see how you guys were doing :slight_smile:

So your back?

btw don’t forget the “members of a random alliance gets 250 gems each” raffles :grinning:


And speaking of the rate my base series, I haven’t seen a single new episode of it since many months now… 



Then why r u here o.0

I’m here because I was bored and thought I’d check on you guys. I thought I said so.

One thing-there is only one true RR fan, who said he would be a RR2 player till the day he died. If whoever wrote that could please comment who he is, as I forgot to make the poll public :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, by adding another reply option in between, all existing votes for “forum events” got changed to the “250 gems alliance raffles”… :wacko:

Ahaha… I had deleted my vote and revoted, now I have to revote again xD

Lol. My deepest apologies, people!