Poll should allow you to pick more than one option

So hard to decide.  I wanted to pick 5 or 6… or All

Maybe an All of the above option?

Voted for too long tho. 

Almost over, now that is the best part. When it ENDS???

You need to start giving your generals more responsibility and share the load.

Lol… we are winning by 100 points and my general do plenty.

Yes, madlen should make a voting with 2 or 3 option available for us not just 1 although I know she did that to make fast priority change for conquest by dev. Or she can make priority voting like 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

I think it’s better to stop conquest for time being before they solve all those problems to make we satisfied with the new event that they make. After the final conquest made, they can switch with war alliance for the event take place but not with Ninja. Ninja should take place regularly and often because that’s the only event that give us happy feeling when we play it (alongside festival of course).

Here’s the voting priority from my pov: Time :arrow_right: Matchmaking :arrow_right: Cost :arrow_right: Chat :arrow_right: Pace :arrow_right: The rest options.

ps. I have complain about rewards in the past but can’t comment for that now because the conquest still running. Let’s see the result after that.

More options


I wanted to mark almost everything on the list too ? but that would kinda ruin the purpose of the poll: “give the devs insight about the priority of some of the issues”.

Although, I believe a lot of the issues on the poll are equally bad and should actually be treated on same priority.

And like previously, instead of choosing and implementing only the changes that you will have time to make before the next scheduled Conquest, just don’t run another Conquest until you “fix” all of them.

I wanted to vote all. So I have vote other but sadly my vote is wasted because I am alone to have vote this way. This poll don’t represent at all the feedback and all improve needed. Madlen should remake a new one with multiple choice and a option All and nothing

to be honest too much missing point too like Cooldown,time,etc… this poll is not well made. too much positive in a way. If you want to do a correct poll she must add all options. Like over 20. Positive and negative one

LOL, if offered, most popular option would be „Kick Conqest completely, improve old wars“.


The good news is literally everything in that poll could be addressed.

My biggest gripe is that movement was improved, but still was very frustrating for most all of our members.

Good Morning.

As for the poll: maybe I haven’t seen the correct option, but as far as I can tell the poll only allows these type of questions. It is very limited in its functions sadly.

This thread is now locked because the main concern (adding multiple choice is answered and because there already 5 or 6 threads open about the conquest, conquest improvements and conquest suggestions, so yeah please comment there :grinning:

Regarding things that should be listed there Warriornator,  I have summarized the things that I saw as complaints in the latest threads and there is an “other” option as well. However, sure, it is always hard to cover all points.

Thanks guys.