Poll to uncover the truth about the forum changes

This is a simple poll that will give Madlen the answers that she needs for the forum changes. Do you guys like the forum changes? Yes? No? They’re okay? Vote now!! This poll WILL be public

I’d just like to point out that the fact that, 6 hours after I post this topic, there is only 7 votes. That stat, alone, shows the inconvenience that the changes have made. In case you don’t know what I’m meaning, @MagischerKoenig made a Poll about the Conquest, about a month ago, in General Discussions, BEFORE the changes. That poll got more than 200 votes in only 14 hours. My point is, the changes have significantly decreased the views that topics are receiving. The changes have made it extremely difficult to navigate, and I truly think that General Discussions, which is by far the most important RR2 forum, shouldn’t be in “shelves” and all ordered. However, what you, Madlen, did for Official Announcements was fine, I liked how you changed that

Here is my proposal: If this poll gets more than 50% votes that show that the changes were “bad” for the forum, then you change it back to normal, but if they get less than 50%, the forum stays the same. I think that’s quite fair, don’t you?

Don’t think it’s about whether or not we like it. It’s about making madlens job easier. The people may not like the new design, but I’m pretty sure it makes her job easier and I think that’s most important

I personally don’t like the changes, but can understand why they have been made. I can still find everything, and that’s what it’s all about

If it makes the job easier, then so be it

Yeah, right. It is all about Madlens well-being. The whole purpose of the forum.

I could not agree more. ?

Lol… poll closed… topic closed… word removed… why not just shut the whole forum down?

@Kuska, I’m the one who closed the poll. I had it set to end at midnight on Sunday

Sorry my mistake

Maybe its because the majority use it on phone or ipad? I don’t have test it. Maybe later but I know on PC there is no problem. I find topic more faster than before. the sub categories are amazing. So I don’t get why people hate it at this point? when you search a topic about Conquest you go in General - Conquest. You search a topic about War you go in General - War,etc… its so much clean now.

Of course I like it because on my PC I do the same like Madlen. Video in Video. Photo with Photo. All my stuffs are created in sub categories to be more clear. So when you search something you find it in 10 secondes and not in 5 minutes like before

Hard to find things! Way too many sub forums! Terrible! Old way vastly more user friendly. It’s not like there were so many posts that a post would get scrolled to page 2 before you even saw it.

iVote for Chuck Norris, da legend ?

same here. hard to find things. I like it just fine before, not it’s a chore to find anything.