Poll: Version 2.2.0

The new version 2.2.0 is out and the first war has passed. What do you like and what do you not like?

I don’t understand the brackets you put on the second poll. The sentence in those brackets is your opinion or an expression to simplify the reading of the poll? Because if it is your opinion is not a valid poll because you induce people to follow that feeling of what you think about it and this way it becomes like a “cheated” poll.

The only thing I really dislike are the new skullperks, but that isn’t shown in the polls. So I had to settle for just positive votes (and quests as a negative, since theyre bullocks and hardly give any encounter of what it needs).

Thanks oPelle, 

I removed the brackets

Also, you have to choose at least an option in both question. What if there is nothing I don’t like ?

Added option for MrSchmouch

Thanks Oil.

Why is there so much hate about the new quest ?


I don’t know that give free 100 gems or close. People hate to gain 100 gems for free? :blink:

It’s not like that we don’t like the new quests its more that there should have been a bunch more added.  Where’s Monk or Black Magic?

I hate the fact that there are skull perks in 2 other items.    That needs to be added for the dislike part as vester said.  

The questions were taken from the flare update page about the new update. Some questions cover a lot of ground, like the uber chests and the Intra troops.

Adding something about the skull perks will mean that a lot of other details also need to be added. 

I do suggest a new type of poll that can cover the different perks.