POLL: What in-game events you mostly like?

Hello everybody!


Since we had many types of events during these last months, i’d like to know what is your favourite in-game event ! So maybe we can arouse more interest from developers side to reproduce with more frequency for example a specific event we mostly like.

If others events will be created I’ll update this topic, so remember to give an eye now and then.  :grinning:


Below are described the specifications for each event (so if you don’t know what it talks about, you can take a look here).

You can also check this topic as a personal summary for your interests too.:


Alliance Party

  • Upgrading the Alliance Tower costs 20% less gems than usually
  • Upgrades are also faster, it will now take 6h at most to upgrade your Tower!
  • All Alliances have 40% donation bonus! (taxes)
  • All Alliance members get special “Magic Gem Chests” if a member buys a gem package

Crazy Granny Days


  • The re-rolls are cheaper
  • The items are better and cheaper

Double XP

  • King will receive double xp

Voucher Days


  • Higher Voucher rewards for entering a friend code
  • Higher Voucher rewards whenever one of your Voucher friends levels up
  • Higher Voucher rewards for every friend that buys a Gem package

Dungeon Run

  • Dungeons will take less time to be unlocked

Boost your Defence

  • The Towers and Obstacles will be 20% cheaper
  • The maximum building/upgrade time for the Towers and Obstacles will be 1 day
  • The Workers cost 20% less gems

Boost your Offence


  • The spells and troops cost 20% less gold to upgrade
  • The maximum building time for spells and troops is 2 days

Blacksmith Event


  • The meltdown slots are 25% cheaper
  • The Pearls are produces twice faster
  • The amount of Pearls produced per item-meltdown is multiplied by 5
  • The chances of upgrading an item successfully are slightly better

Castle Boost Event

  • The Castle buildings will cost 20% less gold
  • The maximum building/upgrade time for the Castle buildings will be 2 days
  • The Workers cost 20% less gems
  • Include ALLIANCE TOWER cheaper cost

P.S.: This topic i made it personally without the advice from some superior people, just to be clear  :wink:

If you notice errors let me know!


Thank you for the participation!





Since alliance party is already on this week it I will prefer the boost castle event or boost offence to be more frequent in the coming weeks :)since the upgrade cost are very high and its take a hell lot of time to upgrade

I prefer boost your defense.

Hi oPelle,

Probably the vote will in addition hardly depend on the lvl of the player. Those who have all castle buildings maxed would never vote for a new castle vent. Same in case of other maxed parts (eg units, spells).

I have maxed Alliance Tower but i selected alliance tower event because i want it for my alliance members. So i understood your point, but if you like you can select the event that you may take care for your friends.

Moreover if they add more levels on things for example, those that didn’t vote because had all things maxed, they can change opinion and vote for an event that they would like to have.

However for those who have all things maxed, they can always vote for the event that they liked more than another event or they can be neutral = do not vote.

no doubt, boost your defense is the most beneficial event for all lvl especially high lvl player. BUT it was the most frustating event since lack of golds.

I love blacksmith event too. will be better if they add some free perk removal :slight_smile:

Reward gems hehehe

Hi sir, all you event, very nice

You should add one more event(That is gems in COF OR ANY OTHER WAYS)wouldn’t that be cool.

Boost your offence will be very much useful for most of the players

Yup, considering the high prices and upgrading days of the spells and troops. They should co incide this event when they unleash the monk :slight_smile:

The worst ones in my opinion:


Dungeon Run: A high percentage of players have already won all dungeons so this is pretty much useless.


Voucher Days: It’s stupid to “multiply” vouchers earned when many players don’t get anything in the first place. Maybe adding the possibility to add more codes (not just one) for each player would make this event better.

Only one thing matter now, blacksmith event cuz I need pearls.150 pearls per spin is crazy!!


lol. only 150 pearls/spin? I didn’t know you were just a little league player, Fii. lololololololololol

What you mean ?

That there are players, like Adju, who have items at like +20, for whom 150 pearls per spin is peanuts.


For me personally there are only two usefull events: Crazy granny and Shitty. All others are pretty much useless, since I maxed all my units, spells and c castle buildings (except taverns) and for a defence event my workers are too busy. Im waiting for a crazy granny event for weeks/months now, I’m even saving my 5M quest from reaching and X amount of gems especially to deal with the gold shortage during those days. So I hope Flare will release one soon :slight_smile:

+20 is crazy, I can scroll free using a +3 gears too so whats the difference ? Except for skull perk which I dont really care about anyway.

The ultimate goal should be to get a blizzperk that instakills skull towers hehe

But also against Gargoyle Nest

Mine at 3750 with two gears, someobe have 4000 blizz damage but cant even kill cannon yet :confused: need 4500 damage for cannon

It is not a big deal trust me. I have 800 extra ice …feels like a hot tea lol. I think they will suffer more if I threw hot tea on them that this extra Ice.

I think it is something they capped. So that wont unbalance the game.

Scream boost is the same. It doesn’t go more than 100 in reality just on paper.