POLL: What is your reaction on the Conquest mode so far

This update has been highly anticipated and we are finally in the new mode that we’ve all been waiting for. So, what do you think of it so far?


Obscure, poorly written instructions, which has caused vast amounts of confusion, frustration and wasted time.

The rewards should haven integrated into Pro League or regular war season rewards.

I’d suggest boycotting the Conquest.

I agree that it has been quite disappointing, but perhaps it will get better as it all comes together

Great !

Few errors because it’s the first Time. 

But a good update for me ?

Too early to decide 

you need to add “confused because of the half-*** explanations on how it all works”.  Some of us are book smart and can figure things  out quickly just by reading about it (well, the first half they put something out for, anyway).  Some of us learn better by hands-on experience.  Even having a video tutorial about the tech tree and map would be great!  Fighting is the main part of the game, and right now nobody knows what to expect once we meet up with another team.  I know we go to war, but to what extent do we expect it?  I like to be able to plan ahead, not be left in the dark.  If it weren’t for oPelle’s wiki page, I would’ve given up on this game long time ago.  If they can’t as much explain how to play the game they want you to play…

This conquest looks interesting, and if our players were able to access the info on how to play it (it shouldn’t have to come from other players), it wouldn’t be as easy as putting together a new entertainment center from Ikea… ?


Where are the battles? I have downloaded a game where I can freely play my hero in battle and have fun for this I do not want to play a board game, give me back my war seasons I prefer to lose having fun walking and drinking coffee

I am very happy. Now i can quit the game without regrets :slight_smile: Thanks Flaregames 

Could not agree anymore…

If we all quit our jobs, stop going to school say goodbye to any unnecessary involvement with our loved ones and devote 24/7 to this new update it’ll all work out just as Flare designed it.

Just my opinion I agree this new update does have some great features to it if you enjoy board games.  4.0 is not only to complicated and way to time consuming for 3\4 of your players, all that time wasted on features most don’t have time for or can’t understand could have been spent fixing all the bugs, restructuring the old war system detecting hackers in Pro event and possibly adding a Uber challenge to the everyday 5 leagues.

I don’t have a spare 24 hrs 7 days a week to give for the new update.

i think your going lose a lot more players than you will ever gain. 

After trying to play Conquest without really knowing how to play I want to change my answer to:  “This is a really awful mode from what I’ve seen.”

Thus far most of my Alliance feels the same way.  Many of us cannot log in/out/in throughout the day and costs too much Alliance gold so now we don’t have anything for boosts.  Our 1st battle occurred last night and nobody was logged in.  Most of us found out about it this morning too late to even help.  In my opinion this sucks!!

What is my reaction to Conquest Mode so far? Hmmm…let’s see. First, I can’t make moves for certain periods of time, so unless I play on a mobile device I am literally stuck to my computer all damn day. Second, I can’t fight in any battles that my alliance needs help in because I am not home to make moves fast enough to get to those battles. Third, if a player is too close to a battle tile, or is within 3 tiles of a higher trophy player, there doesn’t seem to be any battle, just an automatic loss for that lower trophy player, so why bother playing in the first place if you aren’t one of those high level players. (Yes, I’ve seen it happen already as a person in my alliance was 1 tile from a battle, checked in 10 minutes “late”, got attacked by a higher level player and lost the tile without any battle.) Third, there are no clear instructions on how to play this mode, just watch a video and "you’ll understand more as you go along’…which is nonsense! Most players of these games don’t have the time to sit and stare at a screen to follow this messed up game mode. Consequences for alliances who have real life (as in people who work for a living and don’t sit on the damn game) members…they lose the battles and territory!  I said it before and I’ll say it again. This game is designed for mobile players (perfect example is TapJoy) and  this is yet another example of catering to those who spend all damn day on the game, and on their mobile devices. Most of my alliance feels the same way…it needs changing or deletion.

It appears that the key to winning conquest is simply building the most towers. Battles don’t seem to count, territory claimed doesn’t seem to count, just the number of towers built.

mise a jour et conquette franchement bidon et n’importe quoi, on a plus de plaisir a jouer et trop de choses avec diamants neccesaire, changez la pub du jeu gratuit, c’est un jeu qui nous oblige par tous les moyens possible a utiliser nos cb, d’ailleurs trop de pub de jeu et de promos pour nous vendre leurs diamants virtuel, un jeu est fais pour s’amuser et se detendre et surment pas pour se ruiner a domicile derriere un ecran brefff tres mauvaise experience, 1an de jeu = temps perdu pour ne plus avoir envie de jouer a aucun jeu du coup et ++ profiter de la vie a la place

But other teams can steal your towers. And it’s how many tiles your towers control that matters, and how much those tiles are worth. A library tile is worth more than a forest tile, for instance.

That makes sense. Thanks!

too much problem related to Conquest Mode

  • Awful look. Like if Flare have take the idea from a awful boardgame made in year 1950 (Don’t really reflect 6 Month+ waiting)

  • Awful cooldown who kill all the fun. We are human and not robot. Nobody will connect each 2 hour to move

  • The Penalty for player who change alliance. C’mon you can add a penalty of 1 day in worst case but not 20 days. too much excessive

  • 8 days too much long. 4 days can be enough with more exciting stuffs.

and maybe more

When you take time to play it and see it. Its impossible this have take 6 month+ to be created. That give the impression Flare have create it just 2 month ago on a paper

If that was not the fact you are forced to play it to help your alliance teammates to get a chance to obtain Conquest Boost. Of course like many I will not touch this anymore

I prefer 10 times more War Season same if its boring a little but still War Season at least its more fun to play if you add more boost and change


Chill out a bit @Warriornator, Madlen has said that they, at flare, are currently looking for ways to make the Conquest a mode that is enjoyable for all players. I think it’s safe to say that we can expect a few changes in the future. To be honest, the map isn’t the problem at all, I mean, it’s big, maybe too big, but it’s still fun and interesting! The only major problems are one’s that can be easily fixed! Losing while offline is a big problem, but I have given a suggestion to fix that here:

As for the movement cooldown, I think @Madlen said that that feature may be changed. The cooldown SHOULD be there, but just not as heavy as it is right now

Since we are talking about first impressions, mine is: I hate it!

The premise is interesting and it could be made into something fun. However…

  • the main gripe is time management. Unlike flare, I do stuff during my 24 hours. I sleep, I work, I do something in between, you know, activities known as “having a life”. But the game expects me to stay online non-stop. Because cooldowns, and because fights take like, what, 5 minutes? Unless I attack, I can’t do anything, no defense hits, nothing. And no way I can react and regroop if I can’t be in the game (because I do one of the things mentioned above) so I’m a sitting duck that moves twice a day.

  • obviously, you need a ton of gems to upgrade stronghold buildings because of course you do. You can’t transfer things that aren’t full (which takes 2+ days) unless you use gems. Yep, totally a mode for everybody, especially the small alliances full of non-paying players, yep.

  • it’s not a good sign when presented with guidelines and rules for a game your reaction is “NOOOOO!!! I don’t wanna go to school, Mommy!!”. And that was my reaction when I was trying to comprehend what’s what in this new mode. And I’m a person that’ll read a Warhammer 40k or whatever rulebook just for fun and not to actually play it.

So yeah, it may turn out to be a fun mode by time of RR2 v.4.6 but we’re talking of current impressions, and those aren’t favorable. Time will tell if things will change (and if anyone will be left by then).

@AwesomestKnightest I agree with you. My bad to be sometime too much intensive with my opinion but you know without complains a compagnies,restaurant,websites,etc… cannot improve. Its the complains who make improve stuffs in this world. to allow the owner of the product to improve the product. If you read all the forum just a minority like the Conquest and the majority hate it. So you see we have all the same opinions in common. We hate it  

Now we have a new CM active and all. Maybe we will have some improve in it. However just hope this change will not take 1 month or more to have a great Conquest. If the change can happen before the next one will be great.

I know you don’t like too much complains here on this forum but you see its for the best of RR2. We want to have fun can we play it and not hate it. So I hope all the feedback we give and all will make RR2 better