POLL: What perks you mostly like?

Hello everyone,


Since Blacksmith is arrived bringing lot of perks, i would like you if vote the perk or perks you mostly like.

You can also share your opinions!  :slight_smile:


Thanks for partecipating!

I want Farmer and Slowdown but he keeps giving me XP Boost (I already had 68% last time I checked), and it’s just too expensive to remove it and try to get a new one  -_-



… and I was mad about my 34% XP bonus :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not good, I would rather get a bonus that can help me in my raids


I got XP bonus on cape, sword, ring, belt and 2 boots. Blacksmith wants me to be the next king lvl 120  :wink:

I prefer the +%gold Perk.

Yup. Gold should be on the list

Is it a third perk ? (that you unlock with the uber stat?) Or you’re talking about the gold bonus that we have always had?

Im pretty sure it is a second perk

I like blizzard and I would love to get skull bonus.

The Gold bonus that we always had… Why isn’t it on the list?


Third Perk? How do you get it? And how do you get the 2nd perk for: Ring, Belt, Boots?


By the way, I think that investing in a troop or spell perk is a bit problematic, since you never know what flares nerf next. Combos change according to the latest flares caprice.

I have so far skull bonus and farmer but I want another farmer and XP boost :slight_smile:

Why we can’t select perk :’( i spending 2k pearls on smith shop and loose 500 pearls get it useless perks like hammerstrick!!! I mean who using hammer spell!! FG want Hugh money from us this time. And my leader giving them he bought gems like hell . FG give us also one feature like save gems perks

I want blizzard perk shield perk and Xp boost

I dont want to vote troops perk


The poll is mainly on the new perks not gold bonus, third perk is in fact the new perk of blacksmith (farmer, life drain, etc)

The first perk is the leadership or nothing in the case of ring,belt,boots; second perks is the second scream, gold boost, etc; third is the new perks.

Ed you can pay 100 gems to remove second perk (for ex ice protection)

Spend 100 pearls untill smithie acceps to change the second back in The one you had

pay again 100 gems to remove second perk

Spend 100 pearls untill smithie acceps to change the second back in Something you don t want like poison protect

pay again 100 gems to remove second perk, etccc…

after 1500 gems and pearls you ll have changed ice protection in gold boost… Seems like a bargain (in flare terms that is)

Haha, Micky, you’re good at describing this Plumber scam.


I prefer to buy from granny a better item. Even if it is offered only once a month.

You pay only 250-450 gems, and at least you get what you pay for.


The only good feature flares have ever introduced were the Dungeons. But even they were ruined with time by super boosted troops and buildings. Now they have become even worse, cause you can’t use pearls for scrolls. Buy gems again…

I would like to know if the perks are actually random.  If [layer has same chance of getting sonic or skull bonus perks as getting toxic cloud.  It seems to me that toxic, luck, mortar come up way, way too often,  I changed toxic 3 times on item and got it back 4 times in a row.  Said OMG, let me try a different item and sure as hell, toxic again.  Then, I switched to boots and got luck 3 times in a row,  Maybe I am wrong but firmly believe the most useless perks are programmed to appear more often that the wanted “perks”  because Flare wants the 100 gems.   Maybe I have been unlucky but still if truly random that was crazy odds.  If it not, Flare should not state it is random. 

Farmer boost : i now pay 195 bread instead of 215… So if you can get 50 procent farmer boost, you can double the number attacks

I like that boost