POLL: What perks you mostly like?

There are currently 41 perks and if we consider those 7 perks (GENERAL PERKS) are the most useful (life drain, luck, etc) we have:

  • 2,4%  to find the perk you desire;
  • 17% to find one of the general perks;
  • 83% to find troops perks (+ hp and +damage) or spells perks (+damage).

However because of exist more troops perks hp and damage: 12 that add health + 12 that add damage= 24 “troops perks”; then we have 10 “spells perks” = 34 perks of 41 perks, the chance to find them is very high, also in my opinion they do on purpose to add “troops health perks” to reduce the chance to get the “General Perks”. Or maybe i’m totally wrong so about this calculations…

Btw now on wikia you can see which perks you can find on determinate gears. For example you’ll find Life Drain perk only on weapon and gloves. However it’s 100% so i need also more info to know if you can find more perks on a same gear.

Definitely on purpose! They could have combined Troop Health AND Damage Together in 1 single perk (And still it wouldn’t be OP - considering the price you’re paying :confused: )

It doesnt, I want Farmer to help in leagues

cheaper attacks = more raids = more medals

You bring up a new important thing: now leagues are even more messed up with people that have the farmer perk and people that don’t have it

And people who will help more in war than others because they can deal more attacks.

Admin and Moderators don’t stay to open vote topic and more other thing like this, make a change people don’t like this is to expensive …!!!


If you care about your players should take some measures as soon as possible, ask all members to support me:

  1. Maximum 2 feild per item 3rd = succes 2. Slot on blacksmith moooooooooore low ex: 150, 250, 350, 500… 3. When game is 80-90% pay to win much player leave game think!!! 4. When change 3rd perk 100gems It’s too expensive considering that it’s random 25-30 gems is ok. Royal Revolt 2 is my favorite game don’t force me to leve this game!! I will post this message every where i can ( fb pages, forums , everywhere) until I see these changes!!! Ask all members to support me!!! 

Moderators can’t do nothing and neither Admins, we can only tell to change it but after depends only and always from the developers.

“Start Morale” is missing

Thanks, added.

I didn’t even know “start moral” was a possible perk until I saw the tutorial. Depending on your raiding style, that could be a huge advantage

I uses 2 spells FIRESTORM & BLIZZARD but i have 2 UBER both powering my heal which i never used or will do so, i think.What type of mathematics is it.


Blacksmiths is too too too expensive.

After 20 items upgrades we have 10% success chances? 100 gems to remove perk? 

Its a joke.

I have spent so much money on this game,so much for that,I will play without blacksmith.

Bye bye blacksmith,have a good day.

Seems everyone like knights. Just watched pole.

What is start morale?

Hey Now pearls to remove perks is 50 & we will get twice the gems for melting. Now it seems Blacksmith is going Good. :slight_smile:

Actually i never removed any perk as i am just 1000 trophies in game. I got 2 perks both for heal spell so i started using heal. Whatever i will get i will use. But atleast enjoy for twice pearls for melting.

I got a perk that says “increases knight’s attack power”. The number is over 1000. So does this really mean that knight’s damage will increase because even my boosted knight has 618 damage. This new no is more than double that. Is damage being tripled here. Or does it mean that attack speed is increased or something like that??