Positive Change in Community Management

Thank you very much Keen Flare and Flaregames!

Very promising announcement about Community Management change and Devs being active in Forum.

I now have a reason to come back to this Forum. And I think there could be a much more cooperative spirit very soon! ?

Looking forward to it!

Yeah…this is a thing which should have done way earlier but as we know it’s better late than never?

Wait n watch and don’t get too excited. 

Some people were happy to see @GalaMorgane too when she started. how’s that turned out!!! 

its really great this happen finally but i think the damage is done already. RR2 have lost a tons of player over 4 years because of this lack of communication and care. I don’t think they will recuperate lost players by miracle but at least now they will keep probably players left in the game. Awesome change. It’s better late then never I guess. Only the future will tell if this gonna change something in the game. On the forum of course but in the game I don’t know. For me that change nothing RR2 is in dead state and continue be in dead state whatever happen. Just enjoy the end of lifespan of RR2. If this game survive like Evoker 5 years its great. Evoker end August 22nd and will be deleted. Will we will see what happen for the next month


We’ve been here before :slight_smile: didn’t last

Yeah shocker already came…that announcement is already deleted ?

Well let’s hope it lasts this time. :slight_smile:  

It has been deleted in the RR2 forum and now it’s visible in the Olympus Rising’s forum.

I hope it wasn’t a mistake and RR2 is going to get some love too.

There is a new announcement now.

This was the old one in case anybody missed it:

From my point of view they are just more active simply because 4.0 is close and want to show that they answer to people, thing that rarely happened before, and to make a good impression for the newbies that will install RR2 now with the new patch, they will see devs like the best team that answer players, a great technique to hide the past mistakes.

Lets see and give them a chance.

A CM working for the Developers - not FG - will be an important improvement and something we have asked for.

I just hope that you’re wrong on this one.

Hopefully they’re trying to improve their communication for the future, instead of being only a temporary behaviour change.

Now, Devs can ignore us directly. This will hurry things up. ?


But seriously, they will have their hands full with the update.

And the immediate fixing of all the bugs we will report of course ?

Really great to hear this new change. I hope that this will give players a lot more motivation to come up with suggestions for the game!

Yes.  I want to stay positive about this change and looking forward to 4.0.   


Except for pro that was introduced,. We have been sleep walking in this game with nothing else to do except perking.     And pro also was getting screwed by hackers


So hopefully it can only be better ?

I was happy to see Gala become the new CM, and she did fine! She didn’t talk much, and that was disappointing, but at least we know that she turned in all the bugs to the devs. We also have to remember that she was not hired to be a full-time CM. I say that for a part time worker, she did her job well

No community manager will be able to maintain a satisfying relationship with the players for as long as the dev team’s mentality is to not give a fudge and not disclose relevant information to players due to fear of being called out on it later on when something doesn’t arrive on time or doesn’t get added to the game at all, despite their earlier promises. This is cancer within the industry that needs to end, this approach is mentally backwards and hurts dozens of such online games. It’s as simple as that. And the saddest part is that it took them 2 years (at least!) to realize that; referring to the changes they’re making.

Better late than never, sheesh.

Well, let’s just be happy that they’re doing it now. I hope it’ll keep players and the game going for a long time

Whatever the real reason behind this I think its not really important. The developer are present now on the forum and its only this matter.