Possible bug: Reappearing Message

For the past 24 hours, messages on my mailbox keeps on reappearing despite numerous times of deleting it. Those messages where from the past day (during the alliance war) which I have deleted on the same day. After I restarted the game, the messages pops up with notifications on my mailbox. This might be a potential game bug.

@iamGodMAC, This happened to me after the server update a few hours ago. Exact same thing.

Same here 

Same here. Every time I log in, messages I’ve previously deleted are reappearing. 

Same thing here…Lets get it fixed please

Bug confirmed, fix is roughly scheduled for tomorrow morning:

Thanks @Infamous.

Happening here too.  A welcome by product is achievements seem to be triggered.  For example, there were two uniques found in my alliance recently.  This message keeps reappearing (as do all notifications I got about blessings ending at end of last war).  Each time I reopen the app, my mailbox resets and everything is back again.  I believe it is counting these finds each time I delete and they reappear…  please don’t take my gems away hahahahaha!

Thank you flaregames for looking into it. Thanks @Infamous.