Possible bug: "Use your Unique Power 75 times"

Hello! So I recently got a cursed legendary item whose task is to use your unique power 75 times.  As it is Ajax’ item, I assumed unique power meant each of his skills.  I have 4 of them unlocked now, and with each battle, I make it a point to spam all 4 as much as possible.  However, the said task only deducts by a seemingly “random” amount of times.   To my understanding, I should be deducting 4 with each battle as Ajax has 4 unique powers.  However, I’m only deducting 1 - 3, and I don’t know what makes using a unique power count.

Any insights on this? 

I guess it counts only his first power as his unique (Frenzy), so the counter goes down each time it’s used in battle.

@Nemetor, but again, sometimes it deducts 2 or 3 so idk what’s up 

@Percc It does count only Frenzy indeed, but you can use it multiple times over the course of a single battle, hence the 1-3 deductions 

Same with Artemis



Nope bro I have got 4 such quests for Ajax and the only way to complete such quest is to use Ajax first power and Ajax first power Frenzy and frenzy is his unique power.If Quest description says use unique power then it always means first power of your hero.

Also today I got a quest that requires to use 400 power then yes in that case all powers of Ajax will be counted towards quest completion and it did.

I hope it answers your question.

@Infamous ohhh okay now I understand. thank you!! 

@RyanPlegics woops didn’t see that thread ._. thank you for quoting it!!

@HOLYDIVINEsure did! now i know unique power = first power. kinda confusing but thank you for clarifying!!

@Nemetor what you said is confirmed! thank you man!!