Possible contest of our Kings?

Hey guys I’m oPelle, 


I’m here to tell you a new possible contest about our avatar… besides the _ like _ and share on Facebook.


The contest is to create the best avatar for our profile of our Kings  using various tools that the Internet provides us to create images and more: the first that comes to mind is Photoshop but then there are  more simple to use for those who are not able to use it like me. 

At the end of the contest, all the avatars will be selected and the winner will win 5,000 gems or maybe legendary items for our King.

I put below my king to make an example on how you might realize… of course mine is just to show how it could show up.


If you like this idea please I’d be proud to leave your own opinion and also from the developers/designers.


Thank you, 




…I can’t see your attached file, it’s tell I don’t have permission to see.

I still confuse how to insert image, Not resize image on this forum.

Yes, me too the same error and it’s not my problem, :wacko:

My avatar is my King too.

Upload should work normaly? Maybe you could try again?

Now works fine, probably it takes time to upload correctly.

I think problem lies with Forum’s code.


Test, test


Code: attachment=16:RR2_1b.png from Attach Files Function + Add to Post



Code: sharedmedia=core:attachments:18 from My Media Icon Attachments choose Picture Finished




Attach Files Function but didn’t click Add to Post

Now i understood how you do it, but why you don’t rotate it in the profile? :slight_smile:

No, thank. I feel sleepy.

Every week king contest by level, status leadership and pooling at fb

I agree 100%