Possiblity attack player online

For a game online like this. all of player like to be online as long as possible, but none want to other player do it all the days and 24h/24h online always! There’s a great idea for this!

Give everyone a possiblity to attack the player online. We can sent a challenge when the player is online. It could be spent gems or more foods. And needs some limit of times could be invited. Or the player always online will get crazy~ The challenge can be active only keep online more than 3h, in this way no take too much trouble to a normal player!

I didn’t understood what you meant…

Are you saying that if you find an online player, you would give more food (or gems?!) to attack him when you can easily search for a new enemy by spending negligible gold?

Or are you saying that you are online and you are sending invites to other players to loot you?

Both two , in this way have more loot funy i think

That will make impossible to farm gold for expensive updates, so I don’t like this idea ( updates costing 4+ millions).

Don’t you want to attack someone with a lot of gold but always online?

 Sure you may catch a player online from time to time, However, i do not think that most people would be online 24/7 for whatever purposes unless you were the type of person who has no other life outside this game. Another thing is that if you can not attack a player because he/she is online then there is plenty other players to choose from. Let’s not be desperate to attack a one single online player just for the amount of loot, medals, or trophies their base offers there’s plenty of fish to choose from. 

I have this idea because some player WIN 8 keep online with some program like joytokey. In this way there is less Fairness to other player.

Apart from this we can also organize mutual challenge. Attack each other’s kingdom, and who win faster and higher percentage can get a special awards, just give more desire to the players for the competition between them.