Post your UBER chest results/videos here!


Flothaboss openings


I found something useful on my free uber chest, I got a pauldron that gave me 400 health more and also 22,4% scream (unique), it also has 6000 toughness for pyros but now that’s useless for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine had froster strength plus protection 5637 on a cape. An increase of 10% on a max froster. health is increased by 200 in offense.

With 3 forges on froster damage plus three on the uber item, my froster does now 320 ice damage without boost. Drago froster is abnormal with this extra strength plus health.

The other one was at a pauldron, close to 6k poison protection plus 15.9% XP boost.

Mine was a story not to be mentioned. Spent 300 gems to use the items from the chest for melting.

Stopped that and am no more doing the scamming Bussiness for flare.


You didn’t get a decent selection of Legendary items to melt? Each uber chests looks like about 200ish pearls when melted even if you get shit stuff. For 300 gems that seems pretty good.

Guess, then I was unlucky. None of the items were above 40 pearls. Maybe will check in free uber chest, but not by spending 300 gems.


Sorry to hear that, general most items are worth a good amount of gold/[earls I am seeing