Post your WAR League!

This is in good fun… Just wondering how other alliances are doing.



Post a screencap of your League.

please don’t don’t post your league if someone else already has.

Here you have 6 alliance ranging from rank 6th to 19th I think , Todesritter , NATO  Burninator , France Royale , Russian Republic and Turk Gucu.Currently Burninator leading the skulls count with 205k , followed closely by Turk Gucu at 202k , France Royale last with less than 80k but Different is France only involve in one war while Turk and Burninator have 3 war at the same time

@ fii nami


I cant post images but same thing is happening in my war


3 alliances have 3 battle fronts so the other 3 are left with only 1 battle front


even though my alliance only has 1 battle right now and we are not winning skulls


I know we will pull through and hold the most territory at the end :slight_smile:

well thats better than Immortal Legends facign Apocalypse , Roaring Lions and SK at once  :wink:

Oh got it, was confused by “4 wars” xD

3 Alliances attacking them + they attacking an Alliance

day 2 and nobody attack Todesritter  :slightly_frowning_face:

I feel sorry for the SK’s. Even if they steal the top 3, only one of them can get Doom Gate x)

Theres only one SK in that war 

How do I post picture from iPad? Should I Attach the photo? But the size too big

posted mine by copy and paste method lol I dont know how to post it properly either

I thought Roaring Lions was a satellite alliance of SK: United Realms?