[Postponed - see new update] Phoebe defense beast - upcoming balancing change

Hi guys,

Based on our experience and the community feedback, we want to do the following changes to Phoebe Beast : - Reduce the amount of healing power in defense - Reduce its Armageddon spell damage each on the first 2 levels of the defensive beast only

Stats (subject to change):Phoebe defense beast: - 10% Healpower and Spelldamage on lvl 1

We think the gameplay in mid-level to high-level against this beast should give the players more chances to reduce the Beast’s health (since it is constantly healed by the beast itself), as well as a higher chance to survive its powerful spell.

We are still testing the stats, because we are trying to find the right balance between keeping Phoebe still powerful enough, but at the same time don’t make her the number 1 go-to defense beast for everybody (giving other beasts the opportunity to become an option in the process).

These changes will most likely be put in effect with a live server update on Thursday.

See you in the forums,


super news, awesome ?

What a joke. Phoebe will be even more of a joke at high level. Phoebe was absolutely no problem at high trophy range. I can’t understand this nerf now. Ofc it’s only for the first 2 level but still. Changing this beast just cause some weak guys cried that it’s too strong. For those guys everything is too strong. Phoebe was the only strong beast available in most alliances defenses, since the rest requires thousands of pal donations, which only top alliances/spenders could afford. Phoebe gets killed in no time by cannons or archers. This is a very bad nerf. You guys should nerf other things on defense, not Phoebe. Nerf the trioxin tower not Phoebe. You should rather buff the beasts that are basically useless on defense

Seriously? We have spend all our hard-earned valuable pro-coins on it as a team, and now it’s going down?? ? And why only the first two levels then? If first two levels are overpowered, level 3 must be way overpowered. 

Why after we work so hard to pay for the pal we want do you think it’s fair to change what we buy. If it’s a free pal you change I guess it’s up to you. But when we buy a pal you should leave it as it was sold to us. So unfair of you.

Thanks a lot. Really looking forward to this.

phoebe was a weak beast already! of course some people sucked in choosing their combo and relied on monks’ damage against beasts. shouldn’t you be buffing monks damage against beasts (not just phoebe) instead?! I know you won’t listen, at least give us an option to turn off our defense beasts.

Nerfing level 1-2 just shows that they have no idea what they’re doing. Nerfing the weak level, but not the stronger higher levels. Makes no sense to me. Guess they just wanna force people to spend all their crystals to get to level 3+. And once many alliances are at 3+, they will start nerfing it as well. Fg clearly has no idea about how to balance a game. They just click random buttons

This is another balancing mistake. 

I get it, lower level players have an hard time against Phoebe, mostly because they are not using a combo with low morale units, which is something they will have to do when they get their trophies up (like 4500+). 

The problem is that Phoebe is already too “weak” in high level play. 

Phoebe requires such a great amount of time and team work, that making it even weaker is a slap in the face for alliances that worked hard for it. 

Like I said previously in another topic, at king lvl 115+, a lvl 3 Phoebe is not stronger than a lvl 7-8 Howl. This doesn’t make sense to me, Phoebe should be stronger. 


A much better solution would be to make Phoebe scale better with king level. By all mean, make it weaker for kings below lvl 100 or 105, but don’t nerf it for kings above that. Kings above lvl105 already have 4000+ trophies and have all the tools needed to EASILY kill Phoebe beast (even in low-mid, since they have the Knight boost activated for sure). 


Ps: once again your go to move is to nerf something that players worked very hard for.

Seriously, who the hell is in charge of balancing decisions? It’s just bad decisions over and over again (Since the 2nd bladestorm buff at least).

We are a rank 40-50 alliance.  Just managed to get lvl 2 Phoebe and only 15 folks donated tons of Phoebe to get this.      What a waste of all the precious crystals.   It is so tough to make members donate selflessly.   And once the few selfless folks did it,.  U are needing it.   Sad.  But I guess we have to accept it

I think problem with phoebe was for lower-mid level players as I have seem many of them complaining about it. 

I do agree that Phoebe was weak for top players but its not always about the top players only. 

Its a good sign they created a sub forum for these issues so lets be patient guys. 


Let me tell you that for lower level players (100-) this beast was way too strong. Having said that, after @LacunaC told me the trick, it was indeed doable. My mistake was raiding with 3 offensive spells and then phoebe could kill a lot of troops from your army. After switching back to shield, raids lately were doable, unless I messed up and lost a lot of my army before even facing phoebe.

For the lower players I honestly think this is right thing to do. A lot of heal puddles prevented a small army to do serious damage, while phoebe killed the few troops. 

I can only say it’s good that you kept level 3+ same, only lower level is less powerful. When phoebe is no problem, why then here complain that it’s power is reduced a little bit? Maybe because you have it in your defense?

I like this balancing, great job.

you can try attacking us, find out for yourself. which beast we’re using. even a howl lvl 5 is preferred over a lvl 2 phoebe, when used properly. try using knights, all low level kings and alliances have access to it! pretty cheap to boost, 3m/day!

I think that this is a mistake. Instead of weakening phoebe how about making the others beasts stronger so they are realistic options? There are 15 beasts in my arsenal and only 3 or 4 that people use. Shouldn’t all 15 be usable? 

NO, 100% NO. 

It’s the exact opposite: I wanted to use Phoebe in the defense but it was always too weak. Really, Phoebe is a joke even at lvl3. 

King lvl 125, raiding over 4500+ trophies for almost a year. 

Ahhh… The perfect example that no matter what flare does, there will be players who will come and complain

Let’s nerf high level wolfs… those are way overpowered, no?

because it’s only flare who can does things but not players?!

It was nerfed already, but you guys just want to close your eyes to the good things and complain about everything

Why not nerf top alliance and top players too? They’re op too, right? We want to attack them (irony)

Mid-level alliances only have level 1~2 phoebe and it’s important to their defenses. Again this only benefits high-level alliances who have level 3+ phoebe.

Phoebe is useless against archers with shields, just learn how to do it. This nerf is completely unnecessary.