Potency not working

@CaptainMorgan, I attacked a player(name - “seiferexe” without quotes) in war with Athena and it took 4 Damocles to bring down Nyx because after using it 3 times there was still just a tiny bit of life remaining, and when I attacked the same player with Helen who has 11% potency, still exactly same result, just a tiny bit of life remaining for a fourth Damocles, it shouldn’t be the case with 11% potency. Please look into it.

…and Athena got no potency.

11% potency is not very much. If you have a max level Damocles, it means it does an extra 1,000 damage per cast.  If you don’t have max level Damocles, it obviously does a lot less. Potency works, it just isn’t very good. 

@dumpster, I think 11% potency is more than enough for a level 16 Damocles to destroy the Nyx with this little life left - 

i just did a trial with my account. With 0 potency I need 4 casts of talos to break a max level barricade. With 33% potency I need 3 casts. 

I took videos if you need to see. 

I tested my own defence, and it’s working, I guess Nyx was too strong so the health bar wasn’t much affected by the difference of 800 health and just looked same.