How does potency work with Helen’s Beauty power? What’s 8% potency even mean for her power?

Nothing. It only works on powers that deal direct damage, heal, or shield. 

I crunched the numbers about a year ago, and made a pretty chart, but potency is inferior to cooldown in every single way possible, including if you use only powers which are modified by potency. If you also use powers that are not modified by potency (bia, helens beauty, dragon tooth, Ariadnes spindle, etc…), potency becomes even worse.

so if you have max cooldown or you can get potency on an item slot that doesn’t compete with cooldown (i.e. a sword), it can be a good option. I would never choose a potency cape over a cooldown cape, unless, again, I could get max cooldown without using the cape slot. 


Here’s a link to my potency vs cooldown chart in a historically awful thread. Holy cow.


So I may as well get rid of Helen’s sword with potency?

I mean, I literally just said that a sword is one of the slots I would consider potency, but you have to decide what’s best for your hero. 8% is not very much. If you’re using (max level) damocles, that’s an extra 800 damage per cast. It’s almost nothing. I would much rather have any number of different swords than a potency sword that gave me 8%, including grafting some cooldown onto a sword.

On most heroes I find demolition, frostbite, stun, paralysis, and weapon speed to be more effective than potency on a sword, but it does synergize well with high CD heroes like helen (you’re casting faster AND it does more damage. the downside is that helen’s unique spell doesnt use potency and you probably want to use bia with her. So you’re potentially only making 2 spells stronger, not 4). LoH might be a better option depending on your hero build and if you have trouble staying alive. If your potency sword isn’t forged and you can get up around 20% potency from it, you might start to like it better. It’s tough, though, because for a lot of perks you need to pick one and stack it to have it be effective, which is why the refining system can be misused easily. If you want to go with a stun build, you probably want to have 2 or 3 items giving you stun. The difference between 60% stun and 25% stun is enormous. Same for cooldown, same for potency. A little bit of a lot of things makes your heroes weaker, not stronger.

Thanks. I’m still learning how to put everything together (even though I’m at level 102). I’m going to keep Helen’s POTENCY sword (it was gold one star when I got it) and forge it to titan and see how it goes. I use BIA, PHEME + one other with Helen so I’ll play with it a bit and see how it goes. Thanks for your great information and suggestions!