Potential Balancing Changes

Hi Everyone. I am listing a few balancing changes to make certain units/spells more useful and balance the game.


  • Too underpowered at high levels so they should be able to attack Firebolt Towers and Lightning Towers.

  • Higher damage output at higher levels or an increased attack rate.

  • Listed Fire resistance


  • Piercing forges to be converted to longer slowing effect.

  • Higher levels to directly unlock a piercing resistance upto 50%.

  • Dragofrosters to have attack rate decreased to 0.38 rather than 0.25, to keep it higher than a forged dracomancer.


  • Reduce Poison resistance to 50%. (Should not be as resistant to Poison as much as Fire)


  • 25% Weakness to Poison needed. (Needs Poison weakness to make Mummy more effective and negate heals)


  • Weakness to Ice and Poison needed. Nerf needed to make it more resistant to fire and blunt. (Ninjas in offense must be resistant to fire to avoid too many FB and survive ogres or bombs)


  • Needs a necromancy perk as @Maerique suggested. :slight_smile:

Frost Tower

  • Slow down effects induced in a range of 4.5

Poison Arrow Tower

  • Higher Attack Rate as well needed

Blockade Boost needed. Poison damage when destroyed.


Feel free to add on this or counter a point. :slight_smile:  




Tavern Balancing Change

  • As Tavern Level increases, add a small gold bonus to give players incentive to upgrade it.

What about if high level Taverns gave a bonus when donating to the Alliance?

Yes why not. :slight_smile:  Let the ideas flow but keep it limited to existing features.

They should be tank soldiers. With all the armour and gear they are too weak. I won’t mind the slowness but they should be mini monsters. 

Paladins are the only troop I haven’t maxed yet and probably won’t max unless they become more useful. They just die too fast.

In defense a blizzard most times is enough to eliminate them and if that doesn’t do the trick, the blazing knights or surprise mummy handles them quite easily.

In offense, they just aren’t worth the morale. Being able to hit a firebolt or LT would make them more attractive.



I maxed all troops, even if i don’t use them. And that was a good decision, because this way
i could profit from the putrid prowlers this season. Iirc there is a insta paladin boost, that may
come back in the future. Then maxed paladins come in handy :slight_smile:

It was already known for the mortars, since we had that season boost already before. And… upgraded mortars in defense can take out the ninjas very fast, so that an offender won’t have any advantage on them.

For paladins we have seen versions with more speed and insta troop. both unusable. If they were a little bit looking like the ones that got nerfed (combined with wolf every base was beatable with 50 seconds left) then it would be usable.

It can be an idea when all other stuff is upgrading and I still have a lot of time before the first ongoing upgrade will finish. Maybe soon I will do start it, just to get rid of the gold.

war boosts paladins was awesom

Boost for Paladins: Immune to spell damage

Nah, temporary boosts are not the solution.

New idea -

Let frosters attack deactivated LTs, the LTs with all charges used.