Potential Counters to Straight-Line Paths

Alright, we’re all very unhappy with the cookie-cutter base designs we have now, and we need /something/ to make them less effective. To do this, all you have to do is create a counter to straight-line paths. So here are a few of the ideas I’ve had:


  1. Ice Monster. Basically a Snowman that rolls out his 3 sections in a straight line. For more information, see the thread on it.

  2. Blade disk. A suicide attacker that simply flies in a straight line once activated.


  1. Blade Disk. Rather than a unit, have it as a spell. This makes it simpler to activate.

  2. Wind Spell. A gust of wind flies in a straight line ahead of your hero, pushing back all enemies to the nearest path end. This would conglomerate all enemies together to be hit by a single spell, thus discouraging defenders from ever having multiple waves on the same path.


  1. Laser Beam. Deals massive damage in a single direction, but has no effect against the Castle Gate. Again, discouraging players from having multiple waves near each other, nor barriers. However, this counter could only be spent by gem-users, and might in fact make straight-lined paths more relevant for gem farming.

Please contribute your own ideas as well. I’d also like to hear if Flare has any plans for a mechanism like this.

I have no problem with straight line paths without anything additional added to the game

what’s so difficult in a " straight line " path ?

I guess sentinel doesn’t actually talk about “straight line” paths in the sense of an open base, but in the sense of all those L- and N-shaped bases which mostly consist of long, straight lines of path.