Potential Game Improvements

Hey all I thought I might drop a list of some potential ideas for improvements. Would appreciate any thoughts and additions good or bad! 

  1. More development communication through in game announcements and messages (News Tab)
  2. BATTLE LOG - A history of all attacks that have been made on you so you can see a much clearer picture of where/when/how you are either losing or gaining trophies!
  3. Potential for a private message system
  4. Global Chat Option (pretty much a must)
  5. Test alliance members bases just like you can test your own
  6. Alliance Wars would be an interesting feature, challenge alliances to battles to win rewards and to prove that you are the strongest alliance!
  7. Building on the Alliance Wars, a direct PVP addition would bring some challenges to the current game and be much more involving for the player battling other players in real time. Both start at the beginning of their base and they have to fight to the other side and take down the opponents base as quickly as possible!
  8. Boss Battles would be an interesting addition maybe in the form of weekly events with larger rewards for example: Nemean Lion, Cyclops, Minotaur etc etc these would be solo events that would be much harder to complete than a base run. These could even be co-op with 2-3 players at the same time.
  9. Following this a continuous story line could bring some interesting features. An offline/or online co-op story line that takes you on the journey of each individual hero and you can play through there story like Prometheus escaping Mount Olympus to give the humans fire etc. 
  10. New/Existing Character/Unit development - By this I mean, adding some new hero’s into the game and having a player choose from a list of which heroes are active at any one time as there are lots of exciting heroes from Greek mythology I’m sure we would all like to see! Customising what weapons the hero could have or even weapon crafting, some different skins for the outfits etc etc
  11. More buildings on Mount Olympus, once you have built all the available buildings there is a lot of space surrounding them and other than just straight upgrades there is no excitement in waiting to unlock new buildings. One which I do find exciting is being able to upgrade your dock to start implementing a number of fleets for a set period of time etc. I understand that you can set fleets now with gems but there is potential to build and upgrade a dock to have for example access to one fleet a day for 8hrs etc etc I would appreciate some ideas for extra buildings that we can incorporate maybe a Rookery tower or Greek Wine bar, I’m just brainstorming haha
  12. Further Customization of attacking area (I Still don’t understand how you get a paved path mine is still a dirt road?) but it would be fun to incorporate different themes in the attacking area for example like desert/jungle depending on what the player would like to see outside his city of Olympus.

I will continue to update this list but please comment below on your thoughts and it would be good if we can keep a list of the changes players would like to make.

Happy playing!

History of attacks and defenses… I want to know from who I have lost a battle

Battle log is a dynamite idea

I agree with points 2 and 6. I can live without the rest. 

Also I would add some kind of tournament or leagues to earn gems and the possibility to attack other players from the Hall of Fame (even if it doesnt give you any gems, bulls or ambrosia… could be a little bit of gold)


#2, 3 & 6 are absolute must.

Alliance will feel more close knit and helpful if we have these.

Some good suggestions coming through!

Friend system for private chatting like Royal Revolt 2

And a better battle report system.