Potential Hacker

There is a potential hacker to report. His IGN name is Ekjun. He has near 1500 trophies, and a relatively weak base for anyone who’s mid-level and up. Today, this individual got 55%, 50% and now 80% in my base using almost entirely knights and only hammerstrike and swordrain, with no scrolls. It is completely implausible to do this. Interestingly, they got very few trophies (-5), but more gold (~250k).  Normally if someone at this trophy range cleared 80% of my base they would received 50+ trophies.

Has anyone else noticed this players “unnaturally strong” raiding ability? 

Yes I notice him … He raid me 2 times

And me also, four times, the reason he gets low trophies is his level I think, those below 2k trophies only seem to see 9 from the top players now.

Thought I remember you mentioning him elsewhere.

Sounds right on trophies; until you look at UAE’s screenshot, above…

Sorry Sn1kt, couldn’t see the MrUAE screenshot, its too small on this device to pick up numbers. He may have been hit when the his trophy count was higher, if he has been doing this all night he could well dumped at some point to maximise gold.

He attacked me too!

The user was just banned.





Another player to look to is “kuhli.games” I think.

There are some guys on Royal Revolt 2 who have a hack of being always online. 

If he had the right spells combinations would you have noticed him? I think there might be a wave of hackers heading to royal revolt.

I know a lot of hackers but i’m scared that if i name them, they may ‘unleash’ on me.


Yes, we would. I won’t go into details here, but the data that is available to us is sufficient to identify hackers reliably.


You can send Jona a private message or login as Anonymous.

how to login as anonymous

oh no, scratch that. i remember now.

Thanks for the prompt action, Jona: great to have a spot to offer this information and see quick results!  :slight_smile:

hey Sn1kt, have you ever attacked Aryan Blouria?

No, haven’t ever come across that base

why be anony-mouse don’t be scared.

my hack is click my mouse every min. while im  watching tv