Potential reason for the crashes

Dear players, We have possibly found the reason for the crashes that some players are experiencing at the moment. While we are building a fix for this and will release it asap we wanted to let you know what we think the reason possibly is so that you have a chance to avoid it. 

Keep in mind:

This is still partially based on speculations, as we don’t know for sure yet, but it looks like the cause of the crashes is connected to Defense Yetis. Since there are also random factors involved here, the crash will probably not occur every time a base with Defense Yetis is attacked, but in some cases. So in order to avoid crashes at the moment, it would be a workaround to avoid those types of battles (see attached picture - you can do so in the battle overview screen).

If you are affected by the crashes, we want to encourage you to reach out to our customer service.


Your Royal Revolt 2 team

Hi guys,

Sorry, this is taking relatively long. We know that this is an inconvenient situation at the moment and I understand the pressure of the issue.

As said last Friday we are working on a fix, but the fix requires the built of a new version. This means it needs to be submitted to the stores, eventually waiting for approval (Apple) and then needs to be released. Unfortunately, I do not have a final confirmed release date at the moment, but we hope to release the new version this week. This will contain possible bug fixes for the custom eyes that are broken on Android devices, games crash for the bug most likely caused by the defensive Yetis and the item meltdown button available on equipped items leading to crashes and broken accounts, as well as the broken Throne Room layout on iPads.

Today we will also do a Live Server Update, which I will announce later.