Power description

It would be really helpful if each hero power had a small description of what it actually does. My Mariadne is level 12 and I still don’t know what it’s power spindle does.

You can test each power on your defense on each unity and tower. A description already exists, to know about use it, test it :grinning:

I don’t know what is spindle, so maybe there is a little snag with it.




Spindle forms a portal.  Once you cast the power, troops will appear at the portal instead of at the beginning of the map, as long as the portal remains open.  As you upgrade the power it stays open longer. 

Sounds nice :slight_smile:

It is the most powerfull power of the game if you use it well! 

Be careful though, cause, It’s a portal with 2 side, ennemies can also pass through it and goes directly to your door and destroy it. 
It happened a few times to me and I lost 200 trophies cause of this… 
If they enter the portal you just have to send a few warrior to destroy them! 


Very effective power, I love it ^^

Hey all,

If you go into the Shrine of Power and select to upgrade a Power, you can see a short description of what the Power does  :slight_smile:

Ariadne’s Spindle is also one of my favourites. With Ariadne’s Spindle, it is not possible for enemy units to pass through your portal, but it can happen that you end up spawning all your units behind the enemy front lines, leaving the opponents free to walk right up to your spawning point and destroy it. Make sure you spawn units to clear all the enemies behind you!


Hello Captain Morgan, 

I’m pretty sure they can walk through the portal, cause it happened to me many times! But maybe they change it now? 

Other subject: I saw your avatar, have you finished  the cyclope island? 


Sorry CaptainMorgan, Haven’t seen you were a developers !