power upgrade times long....

So I started in October last year, I’ll finish all my wave upgrades this month, I have 6 fully upgraded troops with the rest not that far off (maybe 3 months total completion) BUT powers I haven’t got one max’d yet (I’m working on my first).   As a result I’m losing a lot of battles due to weak powers as they haven’t kept up with my ascension lvl (currently 114). Ok I could invest a ton of gold to forge to success, but seems a waste as they’l devalue quickly.   So given there are 27 upgradeable powers, I think the upgrade time for unique powers for heros should be reduced. I mean I quite like Ajax, but can I really spare 2+ months on one hero, when I need a max damocles fast?  I think I know what the old timers will say… could increase the celestial boost bonus for powers maybe…

If you rush to level up you will probably find powers lagging behind. This is where the new 5th worker becomes a bit of an issue. If you level up slowly and focus on using your workers on towers and barricades before anything else, you won’t have nearly as much of a problem with keeping your powers leveled consistently with your level. If you want to rush, there’s always gems.

Another suggestion is to focus on a couple of powers and use them for everyone. For example, Bia is pretty universally good for all heros. Damocles and Talos are also fairly good for everyone. Focus on maxing out two powers that you use with every hero, and focus on maxing out the hero powers for the 3 heroes you take to war. Don’t spread yourself too thin.

Ajax and Artemis are really designed to be end-game heroes, so if you choose to level them up early you’re probably hurting yourself in the short term. And Ajax is still the worst hero. You’d be wise to forget you like playing him.


EDIT #2: It took me a full year of playing to get to level 114, and that’s with buying gems. You’re levelling up REALLY fast. Slow down, Hoss.

I started playing game in August and still sitting on Ascenion level 102 even after ten months.? 

Bruv ,you should only focus on upgrading powers and defense structures first and two or three units that you use on raids that’s all.

If your heros spells are upgraded to max then you will find Odysseys quests and raids very easy.

thanks Holydivine, thing is if I upgrade def too much without powers , its even worse - I would have a high trophy lvl and really hard enemies, as it is I’ve got a couple of fully upgraded powers now, and majority of troops (the important ones) are now maxed (for now). Im at lvl116 now and can win what I need to for continuous upgrades of waves troops/powers/etc. 

My initail point IMO still stands, takes way too long for power upgrades - I mean theres 22 asclepsius, 20 okenos, 22 for herc, 21 for prom, etc… with 27 upgradeable powers you really have to chose your heros and that means Ajax and Artemis get sidelined, and Prom if he wasn’t already.  The heros own poers should be maybe 20% shorter upgrade time…

Defensive structures (towers and barricades) give you less XP than anything else. So you’re wrong about all of that. Focusing on defense is the slowest way to level up. 

yes I know def gives less asc xp, which is why I’m leaving it for last - As my main goal was to lvl up without wasting hundreds of million of gold on useless forges which would be good for a few days to a week. Once I hit maybe lvl120 I’ll do some forging.   Would like to get competitive at a high lvl without waiting over a year is all.

Ok, but don’t complain about the game being messed up when you do things the worst way possible. 

I’m not saying the game is messed up-  just the times for some power upgrades need reducing by about 20% so no big deal, after all since the start of the game there have been at least 2 new heros added that I know about (Helen + Artemis) and therefore 6 new powers to lvl up, seeing as there were 22 powers before and now there’s 27 to upgrade, the 20% reduction I’m asking for seems fair. But I guess for those that have been playing since the start would want change, it endangers your position in the hierarchy.

It’s only a problem if you try to rush your level up, which you’re doing.its bad. 

Let me go a step further: I’ve guided dozens of players in how to succeed in OR. Many of them are now some of the best players in the game. A lot of them are better than me now. I’ve never once advised any of them to level up as fast as possible. Having a high ascension level isn’t a good thing by itself.  I also talk to lots of other players like me, who advise members of their alliances in the best ways to advance. None of them say to level up for the sake of levelling up, either. They all say to focus on defense and level up slowly. If it was a huge advantage, I would want the “younger” members of my alliance to level up as fast as possible so they can come and help me fight against the best teams in the game, but it doesn’t work that way. I would never want a player who got to your level as fast as you did (unless they did it with gems and levelling their defense first, and even still you’re missing out on a LOT doing it that way).


iff you level up fast also your heroes get weakest, with every ascension level up hero stats go litl down so iff you do not pay attention on this you be in big trouble you will find yourself that you can win anyone on your map 

That’s right my man. If you go nice and slow there’s no worries.