Powers against the Gate Keeper

There are some powers that do not affect the gate keeper.

Perseo's Medusa Look, Elena's Beauty, Ajax's Devouring Force !!!



If these powers had the same effect on the troops they would make the guardian more vulnerable and would partially solve the problem of his virtual invulnerability.

Yep ajax all spells feel useless against a decent gatekeeper.

Perseus’ spell does a small amount of physical damage, which does affect the gk. Helens spell also isn’t useless, even though it doesn’t directly effect the gk. You have to set up the fight very well, though, which can be more of a pain than it’s worth. But their spells are pretty weak against the gk (although they help you get to the battle much faster!). People do have a lot of luck killing  GKs with both of those heroes, though. Even tough ones. 

Ajax has some issues. 

(I believe that all 3 of those spells don’t work on trebuchets, which are the other non-living enemy)


@dumpster I had the distinct impression that these spells are useless against the guardians. True that absorbed life of Ajax does not work against inanimate beings like the statues and trebuchets, but then the statue comes alive! Why should I not drain life then?

I Think the answer you’re looking for is “it’s magic”.

but honestly, GKs are going to be nerfed very soon.  It’s not next week when the new update comes out, but they said it’s in the one right after that. They’ve already been working on this, so let’s wait and see what they’ve come up with. 


It is not interesting the miserable amount of damage that makes Perseus’ spell, as the momentary petrification of the guardian who would suffer damage. And why the beauty of Elena can not let the statue pass by now, helping me to throw down the gate instead of fighting me? They are half spells …

He’s already stone. You can’t petrify him more than that!

and agin, both of those spells are very powerful and allow you to get to the gate much faster, so you have more time to fight the gk or break the gate, which ever you prefer. It’s just like demolition in that sense. It’s a balance 


when the statue comes alive it is no longer stone, however! Or maybe I'm wrong?It seems a subtle difference but it could not be. ;-)

And a stone is vulnerable to demolition but the gatekeeper is immune to demolition… very strange 

I don’t have the toughest GK in the game by a long shot, but it doesn’t get killed without invos very often. For what it’s worth, Perseus is one of the heroes I see getting 100% with no invos from time to time (Hades is the most common, followed by Cadmus and Athena). I have seen Helen, Achilles, and Ariadne all kill my GK as well.

CaptainMorgan said the GK is “a special kind of unit”: