powers for lvl 15 shrine

An alliance member pointed this out so just putting it here - courtesy of IGN Richterb.

There are a couple if minor visual issues regarding 2 powers, damocles + bia.  The former shows M in damage instead of K. Bia doesn’t state what the next upgrade will give (extra 5% movement speed, or duration +1 second - I suspect it’s the former) FYI



I think the 2nd to last bia upgrade actually does nothing. It’s just a stepping stone to the final upgrade. Half a second and half a second would have been more satisfying, but the end result is the same.

seriously… No +5% movement speed first? 

Move speed is unchanged with the new updates. Just the damage shaving, attack speed, and duration.

An upgrade that does nothing is a bug in itself! But maybe designed that way also, but I find that hard to believe!

13M on Damocles lol. I take it anytime. Reach Rank 1 in leaderboard with Hercule and farm trophy like crazy. One Damocles destroy all. Cool

Haven’t you seen what 25k fame points can do! lol

So if someone have 50k fames he do 26M? Cool lol

I don’t think it’s a bug. They consider bia to be one of the most powerful spells. I tend to agree with them. If it’s intentional, which I think it is, it’s a balancing thing. Maybe they can’t add fractions of a second duration?

Maybe not do much but they can add a great add for the last level. You have work very hard to reach that level so maybe the last level can reduce cooldown of 1 second

My guess, and it’s only a guess, is that they really didn’t want to make bia any more powerful. It’s very weird to have a “do-nothing” level, though.

just wierd reach max who do nothing. I don’t remember see a game where a spells do nothing maxed. I don’t know something who change nothing like more range. I really think they can add something for the last level and not just empty

The last level adds +1 second to the duration of bia. It’s the 2nd to last level which doesn’t do anything, except allow you to build the last level.

So in effect, the last level of bia is just very expensive and takes 2x as long as any other spell. Which is fine, too, it’s just a weird mechanism to do that.

interesting… still look like a bug to me. if they have forget to write what that do. Its impossible a power who add nothing. You can have building who add nothing just to up the level cap but power who do nothing in a game. Don’t exist anywhere. I read the new cap is Ascension 150 so Bia cannot be too much powerful with everyone full boosted. They can add move speed,more protection, a another 1 second,etc…