Pre-Complaint Re-Princess

Okay, I know this is premature, but I like the “queen” who comes up and gives me advice why can’t I play as her?

Also have you looked at the princess?  It’s looks like the same body and face as the king!  They just added long hair.  It looks like a boy with long hair!  I think it’s cheap!



Yea, I prefer the blond girl, she is more cute than this girl :((((

However i think this is just an image, maybe in the virtuality is a bit less ugly 

Yeah, I’m hoping so.  :slight_smile:

she is backward and flat

I’ve already stated my opinion about her… I don’t like that design…

either me

Yeah, yuck!  I hope Flare’s getting the message!

yuck yuck yucky , NO NO NO NO we don’t like how she looks and that is final !