Predators is seeking for new and active warriors

Our alliance Predators is looking for new members. We are a growing alliance at level 37 and we are ranked 272. At the moment we have 6 free spots left and we are looking for new warriors who meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum donation level: 150K 
  • Minimum trophies: 3,000
  • Minimum skulls that are won during war season must be 2,700

We offer you the following boosts 24/7 (so also off season):

  • Knights (7/7)
  • Barricades (3/3)
  • Ogre (2/2)

Other boosts during war season can be offered by request and only if necessary.

Search us in the game and send us your invitation, or send a direct message if you want further information. IGN: Mas Miikael II

Forza Predators! 

Free spots taken away now, Mas. :stuck_out_tongue:  We’ll be recruiting after the end of this season. We will remove non-participants and expect 3 to 4 free slots.

Predators have lovely and fun people. You can talk to them, ask for help any time.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 3000+ trophies
  • Minimum donation: 100k

We love people who like to talk a lot and express their opinions. If you think you are one, do not seek for any other alliance. Because Predators is your HOME.

Search for  Predators  in alliances, or find me (IGN: King Evil Bert). Join us in our adventure. Forza Predators! 


Another bump. We are having a lot of fun and we want more funny and competitive guys with us.

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