Predators Recruiting

Searching for a nice Alliance between 100 and 150 in Ranking?   Come and Apply!     You Need:

  • 3000+ Trophies
  • 50k Daily Donation
  • Participate in Alliance Wars

We have:

  • 40% Gold Boost
  • Alliance Level 35
  • International Members from all over the World
  • Boosts during Wars


What sets us apart from other Alliances? We are normal peoples that dont Play the whole day so we don’t expact that from others.


At the moment we are almost full but still searching for active good people.

It is also possible to become a General if you want to.

I like that you dont have to donate with real Money. You got me!

Good day. Im rather new playing this game but I am very active. I’m only lvl 16 now but I’m rising fast and I’m building non stop to improve my alliance tower. Pls consider me for your alliance.


It is possible to make a exception but you should be much more closer to the required 3k trophies to do that. 682 Trophies are just not enough but i have send you a Friend request and you can ask again later.

Because I don’t have the time anymore we are searching for a new Leader. 

So if anyone want to Lead Predators please tell me.