_ “Predators don’t attack for fun. They attack because they are always hungry for more.” _


Alliance Name: Predators

Alliance Level: 38

Alliance Rank: Top 200

Language: English preferred

We are a very active, chatty and fun alliance. We always help each other grow, consistently test each other’s bases. We have a band of loyal members who are committed to give 100% in each and every war seasons. Our generals are always active and the alliance has no place for inactive members. If you feel you are like us, you are always welcome to Predators.

Boosts: Knights & Barricades

War Boosts: Cannons, Ogres, Bomb Towers and Archers are activated depending upon the difficulty level in the wars.


Requirements to be a member:

Hero Level: 75+

Trophies: 3000+

Donation: 100k+



  1. A member must donate daily to the alliance and help grow the alliance.

  2. He/She must be active during war seasons and do a minimum of 3 successful raids if he/she can’t do all attacks.

  3. Respect other members. Abusing and personal attacks won’t be tolerated.

  4. Real life always comes before the virtual life.

  5. You must have fun or else we will kill you. :stuck_out_tongue:

  6. Always be hungry for more.  ")