Predicting base strength - trophies or medals

I searched for this elsewhere, but can’t get a definitive answer: How do you gauge base strength before you battle? Are potential trophies or medals a better indicator? Does anyone have a general understanding of how each is calculated?



better to watch the medals , I notice more medals means a better waves and tower level.Trophies vary across the leaderboard in a very weird way so some base might offer 13 trophies but easier than base offering only 3


At least this is what I’m facing in top 100


That’s what I’m seeing, too. I can’t figure out how trophies are calculate, but medals seem to better correlate with base strength. 


However, I ran into a base that was only 25 medals but it was full of boosts: Ogres, Werewolves, barricades. All were boosted with max boost! It had only a few towers (like 4), but even then only 25 medals was far too small for what was lurking in that base.

thats normal for an open base

Elite boosts don’t count on medals as I can see :slight_smile:

the amount of medals and trophies you are offered are not just based on opponent’s base strength


 your current raid rating comes into the equation as well


this has been discussed on the forum before

The amount of medals is calculated by how often people fail/succeed on the base aka say 200 medals quite alot of people clear base no problem ,500 medals almost everyone fails

Legends craft

yes,for me medals are measure for the strength of waves ,and trophies for strong towers,I generally raid a 12-15 trophies its okay to get that base.

Medals are generally the way to figure out how tough a base is.