PREMIUM ALLIANCE recruiting! All blessings granted 150 days! Friendly and fun communities!

What’s you needed we get you all! Check this out:

Alliance name: ST.KENSINGTON

whats we have: All blessings granted (all towers, monsters, barricade) 150 days prolonged (this mean you will enjoy these perks forever)

                            Bonus gold: always > 90%

                            We have our own communicating channels on LINE apps where you can have instant chats with other team members (jokes, funs, informations, guidances, etc…)

                            Strong management team, all managers very nice, helpful, friendly and handful game experiences

                            All our warriors are great in war, well disciplined, well organised to achieve greatest results in war

                            Transparent in promotions 

                            Training program: if you wish to lead the team or become a managers, we can train you to become! No special requirements needed, no need high level, only your enthusiasm needed!

                             The alliance progressing toward top 30 strongest guild!

                            Many other interesting things you gonna enjoy while stay with us!

                            Recruiting is open always, there are enough spaces for everyone coming!

We want you! Welcome to ST. KENSINGTON



Hi all, still recruiting!

join us in online community, have fun

Impressive! I’ve played this game for a month and looking for Alliance in top 200. 

Level 45, 15k Dominance.

My ingame name: xmeman

Searched for your alliance couldn’t find it 

Hi bro, the alliance name has been changed lately, its Invictus Rising. If you wish to join us just let me know here, i can make room for you ?

Hi xmeman i will send you an invite. Welcome to our alliance ?