Prestige and Celestial Boosts


I really want my decorations investment will be worth something. When do you plan to apply prestige added value?

in addition, it would be nice to be able to peek home island of our fellows alliance. inspiration for decor…  :grinning:

I’m wondering what is wrong with you guys that you ask so relentlessly about prestige… Haven’t you realized yet that upgrading decorations costs a ton of gems??
Why would someone want that voluntary to have impact? If this will have little to moderate impact, it will unbalance the game in favor of the few that can afford to spend SOOO much gems on upgrading them. 

Mines all ready upgraded

1000 gems for zerebus, each titan obelisk 500 gems … No hurry for decorations 

All decorations can be purchased with gold and wisdom.

it doesn’t have to be gems and real money.

its true that currently there are better things to do with resources. But creator said it might have a value in future.

you dont need to purchase titan and costy decors. You may start with trees.

it does add another dimantion to build your island with prestige.

Are you playing a different game than me? Hercules is 10 gems, lvl 2 upgrade 50 gems, Olymp obelisk lvl 2 50 gems, Archon lvl 2 100 gems, flowerbed lvl 3 25 gems… and so on… 

I didnt talked about upgrades…

guess at some point it does cost gems. Aint there yet…

but if you say so, apperently youve already purchased them at 1st lvl… ?


Hey all,

We plan to include this change in our next game update (not server update).

May you share more details, what to expect?

Hehe, the statues you can put in the defense-path could fall down on the enemies approaching :wink:

anyway nobody can see my mount of olympus, so i dont see reason to bild there…

Oh that would be cool


Now activation time shows 5d and 2h untill celestial boost ends, what will hapen after 5d and 2h?

thank you

Hello Killbush, 

After this time, the Celestial Boosts will be deactivated and will need to be reactivated to benefit from them again. 

If you have Hades or Zeus on your islands, they will be sent back to mount Olympus. 

Hello, so i must reactivate celestial boost with gems? there is other way to reactivate it?

Hey Killbush,

It’s possible to unlock and activate all Celestial Boosts without using any Gems. Decorations do not cost any Gems to build (at the first level; only upgrades cost Gems), and every Decoration gives you Prestige. In addition, Daily Blessings will give you Prestige for free.

Each time you unlock a new Celestial Boost, the Boosts are reactivated (or extended if they are already active) without paying Gems for it.

If you have not, and will not buy any Decorations whatsoever, it is still possible to activate as much as the first 8 levels within the first month just by collecting your Daily Blessing every day.

So in order to reactivate without paying Gems, you can build new Decorations, or collect enough Prestige in your Daily Blessings to unlock the next Celestial Boost.

Why do player not get the Celestial Boost time for their prestige lvl? So for I’m now lvl 15, I should get the Celestial Boosts extendet for my 15 lvls. Because I can’t build new decoration and can’t upgrade without gems. So in 5 Days, my Celestial Boosts will run out and I will not get enough prestige through the collecting of my Daily Blessing every day. Because I build all the decorations before the update, I have now to pay, to keep them active? Fair?

i was thinking same thing.  every level extends your blessing by 1 day,  but now I lost 16 lvls of that extra 1 day.  Where as someone new would get that extra 1 day for each of the 16 levels I all ready got.