prestige level skip from 22 to 23 level

hi team!!

team this is no good a already send you a topic and a have no answer!!!

please gime a moment!! or i will make campaign against the game in fb!!

be profesional and answer me !!




Alright, to begin with, the issue is due to borderline prestige values being adjusted in 3.8, leading to recalculation rather than progression. Whenever you have a technical issue, you contact tech support and this is precisely the case here. This is NOT a tech support forum, to access it follow the “Help Desk” link and submit your issue following the directions there.

Now then, there are at least 3 other topics on this very forum with the very same issue, in 2 of which I have posted something along these lines, alongside Captain Morgan and other actual developer team members. So please, be proactive and not simply try to threaten the devs (which is no more than childish and funny) and wait for someone kind to respond here. Search and you may find. And well, since this is not an official tech support forum, no one here is lawfully forced to help anyone with anything, people do it out of sheer kindness (or boredom).