Good day. The game keeps telling me to put decorations in my base to increase its prestig. Should I take the statement literally and think that it does in a sense make my defenses stronger?

It does not make your defense stronger. However, I guess it helps in production boost.

any way this can be confirmed by staff?

Hi guys,

Not yet, but it is wise to invest some spare gold into some vanity items. The next update is coming for sure and then suddenly all makes sense.

Keep fighting!


Any update on this? Are decorations worth anything yet?

Is the pretige update will come this year?  A little bit weird to suggest to build some useless item atm waiting an hypothetic update …

Hey there :slight_smile:

Yes it will definitely come thus year! Stay tuned on the forums, we will make an official announcement when it will be time. 

Thx Aether :slight_smile:

One question, would increasing deco prestige change the pavement design of my defense route? Because I don’t see any changes in pavement design unlike other players even though I’ve spend a lot on deco prestige.



I’d love to hear a time frame generally - because this was the advice a month ago and we’ve had several intervening updates.  Will this update come in days, weeks, or months? If you plan to drop the update in December I’ll upgrade other things first. 

I’d like to know this also.   Why do some peoples defensive paths look more decorated.  Even the path tiles look fancy with round columns.   Not the ones you buy in decorations either.

This year? You must be joking - it`s June …

I think that it is ridiculous that the game recommends these updates and states definitively that they will effect the defense and it doesn’t.  This is jus tone example how this game was pushed to market before it was ready.

I answered to this :grinning:


The Prestige system will go live with the next version of the game!


And will be this year…?? ???

Wtf does this dev team have against acually providing real information. It makes no sense. Just fucking tell people what updates are on the way so they can plan ahead and not get screwed over and over. I dont play anymore but holy shit its frustrating to watch lol

hey Arkanis, srry to hear you dont play because of all this, know you spend a lot of cash feel your frustration, take care bro!

I don’t know if this helps but I have everything max and my defense is the same.

Please stop adding new features when the current ones are completely broken. ?

So is the prestige system now live since the new update that included auto play?  Still waiting for more info here.  I noticed that some of the paths look different, but not much else.  Any help from the developers?