Prevent abusing Free pro Tickets

Currently many users use Fake / Multi Accounts just to get Free Pro tickets. To prevent this you should insert a level limit. Example from Hero level 100 you can send Pro tickets. If anyone has suggestions please leave a comment. Sorry for my English

Hi Darkkaos,

We will take care of this. Give us a little bit of time.

Keep fighting.

Thanks for the answer


Yep, totally agree with you :grinning: . Like the pictures, that @Darkkaos posted in his Hacker/Cheater topic, said those players are clearly taking advantage of free tickets. Thanks for the reply Pete, glad to see a ton of communication from you guys recently

This is really funny… how it will stop them ? people level up above 100 and start donating Free tickts? only way is flare have to abolish pro tickets and make it As an event… And it should be like only for players with 5Th star. My opinion is Pro League ticket is a failure :slightly_frowning_face: , It may sound good if it is an Event for 5th Stared players. It also makes low level players to take max efforts to this game… Please think of it… _/_

What’s the problem with that? 

Do you feel bad if other players don’t waste their gems? ?

I think using fake players just to get free tickets is not a problem, the real problem is when those fake players partecipate at the pro league right before the main player, and fortunately flare is currently ban them. 

Create Fake Accounts for pro Tickets is cheating. I hope flare introduce My idea 

you don’t know what “cheating” means man

Cheating in German means betrügen. Cheating and hacking are 2 different thinks. Example: I have 3 fake Accounts means 3 Free Tickets + my Main Accounts free ticket = 4 Tickets every months. I can partecipate complett pro league every time. U have only 1 Accounts, means  1 free Ticket every months. For u this is not cheating? I can Farm pearls petfood ecc pro league for free and u can only Buy this pro Tickets 

you can make a fake account when you want, and if you are too lazy to grow it up you can buy pro tickets with gems, really i don’t see the problem.

If someone spent the time for creation of the game character, he deserves obtaining the pro-ticket.

You talk as a kid, when players create an account and develop to be able to receive free tickets, then rr anticipated the need to develop a 10th level throne, not you have one account is. = 1 ticket. Do not try to talk stupidly like that

Read above post carefully of @Darkkaos he only wants players to stop donating tickets below lvl 100

There are way too many players with multiple accounts which serves only to get monthly free tickets 

I think that level 80(when u get the 1000 gems) for a king should be taken into account…not 100 that is scary ?

Just quoting what he said


100% Dark.

need to stop it. 

Personally, I wish they’d just get rid of the capability of donating tickets altogether.  Let everyone play once a month, or more if they want to pay $ for it.   Also, let people practice the pro league levels.  Even with practice, only the best players will get the best scores.  No need to make it a matter of what’s the best you can do on a level the 1st time you’ve seen it. Using food to practice seems perfectly reasonable to me. 

If they did these things, then I don’t think (though I’m sure I’ll be corrected :)) that there’d be any reason to ban people for “cheating” by having multiple accounts (which I also don’t understand why this should be discouraged.  if you have multiple devices and love the game, why not let people play as much as they want?).  Anyway, just my own thoughts as a casual pro-league player due to only using the free tickets I get once/month.  

I agree SHaase. I’m not sure why there has to be 1 free ticket a month anyway. Either hold the event once a month, or let everyone play every pro league.  After all, it’s SUPPOSED to be equal for everyone across the board.  It’s just another way to milk gems out of the players who pay actual money for them , and it opens the door to people cheating to get around it.  


In our alliance (mostly free players), low level players donate their tickets to the best pro players, so the alliance can benefit from pro boosts earned by the best players.

I also advice anyone in our alliance not to play pro-league before they reach level 100+, because you’ll just get upset if you find (or worse, buy!) a pro item with a puny level, that you’ll have to throw away in a few months, because you’ve grown out of it.

So any idea to disallow donating tickets before a certain hero level will seriously impact free player alliances like ours.


A great share of revenue from such a game is coming from advertising, video ads. The companies paying for these advertising campaigns have an interest to reach as many different people as possible, not just different accounts. So FG have this rule of one account means one person. Without that rule, advertising companies could say “ok, your game has 100k accounts, but approx. 10k player only, so we pay you only 1/10th per view”. So FG must have this rule in TOS, even if they don’t want to, because on the other hand, every account means also more in-game buys for FG.