Prevent spam attacks

I have had the same player attack me 10 times per day. They have 1000 more medals than me & ranked much higher than me. Their attacks succeed every time (although they only gain 5 trophies each time).

Is there any benefit to attacking the same player every hour?? I cant attack them back as they are way too strong.


there should be a restriction in the game that prevents players from constantly attacking the same player so many times in a row!! It is getting rather annoying.

Benefict of this are useful for him if he is doing the league and takes like 300-400 medals from you.

A restriction has been already implemented only 3 attacks per hour, before (i don’t remember which patch) you can attack a player hundreds of time. Now is more correct with 3 attacks per hour.

just don’t hold more gold than your treasury can protect. this guy probably wont raid you if you don’t give him good rewards

He either need medals or gold from you. If your medals or gold is less than most other bases, then … He probably won’t raid you.

who is this guy? I wanna strip him.

ehehe… nevermind :slight_smile:

I emptied my treasury. Almost no gold. I still get attacked. They are ranked much higher than me. So how can they get good medals from me?

The players name is “angel de king”. The have about 4700 trophies. I am sitting on about 3700. If I tried attacking someone with 2700 trophies I get nothing. I sometimes lose trophies even if I win.

Can anybody tell me what my base is worth in terms of medals & trophies? I use the same name in game.

Sometime it happens…for example I do the same thing against other 2 players. They are 1000 trophies lower than me, they give me less than 10k gold, only 1 or 2 trophies but over 700 medals! Idk why, but i need those medals!


From u I see 0 trophies 145 medals and 45k gold and i have more or less 5130 trophies and ranked 90th


I had a gold shield & still get attacked??


Thanks bolz1. So I’m not getting attacked for my medals or trophies. Still confused…

I lost another 50 trophies in the last 12 hrs. I am now below 3700 for the first time in a while. I peaked at almost 4000 a few months ago before these spam attacks started.

This is the first game I have played where the longer you play, the worse you get. I am now losing more trophies per day than I am able to gain.

All the players I am being matched with are only giving me 50 medals to beat & almost no trophies. Even the gold earnings are significantly reduced.

very frustrated with this game.

the more you have the trophies, the more it becomes a defensive game.At a high level it is impossible to beat the enemy without scrolls.Therefore, players with a lot of trophies beat those who are much I see 142,000 goldFor me it is a reasonable amount of gold.Now I think about adding you to favorites :slight_smile:

With the passage of time will be more&more bases with almost maximal defense.And all of them will have to attack or neighbors using scrolls, or those who are much weaker!Such is the game at the moment … :slightly_frowning_face:


That’s really terrible. I wonder if the game has you on a bad algorithm. Try setting up your base as a straight path, few towers/barricades (except those you want to upgrade), no waves, keeping your gold low, and let them attack you a few times. It should produce far fewer medals/trophies and thus less incentive for attack.


If that doesn’t work, contact Flare Games directly. See if they can find what’s wrong with the algorithm.

Hi thefadz,   I’m sorry to hear about your situation.

Don;t be frustrated, just cheer up and enjoy this game even though sometimes its a bit annoying…hehehe. By the way, I just checked your base. My Kings level is 81 and my base is sitting on 4550 trophies. If I will attack your base, Its just a waste of my precious foods. even your medals are quit low…just 158 medals, 4 trophies and only 150k plus golds. And your  attacker “angel de king” is a level 91 king, above 4700 trophies… I have no idea what he can get from your base,

maybe he find your base very easy for him to get a little bit of trophies…

well I might ask him why…hehehe

And now you are lucky…think when there weren’t attacks-per hour limits!! I had Spartecus who attacked me 30-40 per days!!  :stuck_out_tongue:

You are being attacked this way because your base is regarded as “low-hanging fruit” by that player. They could potentially receive more trophies and medals from Attack those at their rank or higher. But instead, they’re content to reap smaller rewards by attacking a base they know they can win without the cost of gems/pearls.

It could be they have few/no gems or pearls and attacking someone much lower is offering them a way to maximize medals while minimizing loss of trophies. This way they can climb the leaderboard and attempt to win leagues without the setback of spending gems to scroll in or dying and losing rank in a challenging base. your description suggests both medals and trophies are objectives.

Is this a cowardly way to earn medals/trophies? I understand the “advantages” of doing it; but the answer is “Yes”. This player is exploiting the sloppy incoherence of the reward (trophy/medal) algorithm(s) in such a way that they’re able to profit from your weakness. Many players do this - preying upon the weak, so to speak - because it’s a safer bet than playing competitively. But: it really, really sucks for the player targeted. If it feels entirely unfair…well, it is.

Most long-time players will shrug their shoulders and wearily concede its “part of the game” - though I’m sure it’s by accident, rather than design. Fact is: it’s a major flaw with a long, long history. Most players have tolerated it or found workarounds, which is why it hasn’t changed. Never enough complaints over it. Flare occasionally takes steps to balance these reward/leaderboard mechanics (e.g. instituting the 3 targeted attacks/hour limit), but on their side the problems creating the condition you’re discussing are complex.

Some good news: players who build trophies this way are probably not good players. If they were, they probably wouldn’t be attacking you, but someone who offered more trophies and medals. As a result, they’re pushing themselves up to a level where they aren’t competitive; and if their base doesn’t deserve to be there, you can bet those trophies will end up somewhere more deserving.

I realize that doesn’t help you. So I suggest three things:

  1. For a moment, forget trophies. If you get a bit lower/he gets a bit higher, you’ll fall out of his band and he’ll move on to more “fertile pastures” and soon forget you.

Meanwhile, and if letting yourself fall in the ranks doesn’t suit you:

  1. Raid a lot, level fast, and really, really focus on building the strongest defense you can as quickly as you can. Yes, to the expense of leveling your offense (troops, spells). Make it harder for a lazy/cheap/cowardly player to 100% you without scrolling, and he will go Away.

  2. You already did this: complain about this issue. Trophy/reward imbalances - specifically, trophy stripping, which this is a modest example of - are an ongoing issue in RR2. Many players are getting gaming the set of conditions and inputs that govern how trophies and medals are awarded down to a science. This is just another example of how the core competitive mechanic in the game is broken.

I often farm lower leveled players just for Medals and Fortune Chamber. But I always leave something behind, whether it be trophies or gems~