Preview - Version 5.1.0

Greetings Mortals,

I have promised several times to reveal some info about version 5.1.0, so here is a quick taster of some of the things to come.

One of our main focusses with version 5.1.0 will be making it easier for players to get into the game, and progress more easily to a place where they can be competitive. Alongside that we plan to remove some of the more old-fashioned limits on progress and make life easier for everyone (unless you’re already maxed out!).

Here are a few confirmed features and changes (many more to come):

  • When using the Forge in version 5.1.0, Perks which are not random will no longer be obscured.
  • We will be adding a second Daily Gem chest, which is double the price, but contains more than double the Gems of the current Daily Gem chest. You can only subscribe to either the cheaper or the more expensive one, not both.
  • We will be adding new Celestial Boosts to decrease the cost of fighting in the Odyssey.
  • And one of the bigger changes - in version 5.1.0 you will be able to upgrade multiple Powers or Troops at the same time, instead of just one.

I will share more as and when I can.

Keep on fighting.
-Captain Morgan


Please consider the ability to forge old 5-star titans to match the player’s current ascension levels (similar to reforge of uniques). Many players don’t want new game content on the basis of their items becoming obsolete.

Also what does the first adjustment mean (random perks and obscurity)? I’m not sure I understand.

i think that if you transfer perks in such a way that the transfer will not be random, then instead of the question mark the picture of the perk will apear instead of the „?“ (and maybe also its value…?)

You mean the perk for refining? He said through forging it wouldn’t be obscured… those are two different processes.

he wrote: “when using the forge”. you also refine by use of the forge, i assume.

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Good, something new to the game !!!

Thank you @CaptainMorgan

The aim of this is to help new players to get into the game, who haven’t understood the simple rule which can be expressed in one sentence:

A perk is sure to be transferred if it’s the only perk of the dismantled item which is not a perk of the target item. In other words, all other perks of the dismantled item are perks of the target item.

You need a good distinction between perks and base of an item. But when you know the basics, it’s trivial.

That’s what I understood, instead of the question mark the picture of the perk will appear. However, I do think that the value of the transferred perk should still be obscured for a simple reason: no one, as far as I know, can predict accurately (100% correct) that value. Let’s take the simplest of example:

In both cases we will obtain silver-star vest with Ice and Fire. However, I can’t predict the values of the “?” perks. When I was young and unexperienced, I thought that it’s very simple and I’d get 7391 Fire and 11670 Ice in both cases for the new 1* Green items. I have lived long enough to stop thinking that way.

Therefore, having a good idea of the values of the transferred perks is a question of experiences and observations. The more you do and take notes, the more chance that your estimations are right. I always value hard work so I’d like to ask @CaptainMorgan to let that value stay obscured, to make the difference between those who learn through experiences and those who don’t!


We mean the Perks gained when Refining.

The number will remain obscured, as this is not finally calculated at that point, but the icon will show the Perk, as long as it is non-random.


Does it mean we will need more prestige to unlock the new boosts?

In which time its this update ?! Im waiting for :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::heart:

but for this two examples actually you can get close to the values since both are elemental resistance perks and both items are bronce.
i.e.: for the above example you could do: 11670/104415* 67843=7582
and for the step below you get 7391/67843* 104415=11375 as approximation values for the perk after the transfer. (edit: or am i wrong…?)

but sure: by doing this you do not get the exact values, but an idea where you will land. and comparing the basic values maybe either one has been a cursed one or several levels old.
so i agree that it is much more complicated (not to say confusing) when it comes to mixed perk types, cursed or rare perks or items/perks of different forge cycles.
so personally i would prefer if the values would not be obscured, but i accept and understand that some people have invested maybe a lot of time and ressources and asked questions (maybe have got spoilered) to figure out how to use the forge at its best (and maybe also are able to predict values). so i will respect the decision of letting the values still be obscured.
may the forge be with you :slight_smile: as they said


What if I told you that you might get the ice perk dropping down to 8-9K :wink:? Your math is good but it’s not that simple, otherwise I wouldn’t say that I didn’t know anyone who can accurately estimate the value. I know Archi very well, him being one of the players with whom I discuss the most!

oh, i did not observed thing like that up to now, wo the few items i used to refine had the following properties: both had the same (high) amount of e.g. 4-star items used when forged, because i wanted to combine items both both perks (and base) of high value, both items have been made in the new forge (no old items that might be regularised incorporated) and up to now i would not choose either of the example. maybe only the first one if you are interested in the ice perk only, but why should a „bad“ item - be refined?
maybe also if you are only interesred to carry over the ice perk and want to save a good item? so thanks a lot for this hint, i asume you know why such a drop is possible.

The calculation is independent of Fodder item. It’s just only % of the original item
Output: Attack - 57.17% of original item
LOH - 17.4% of original

Output: Loh - 23.2% of original
CD - 15.0% of original

Output: Leadership - 71.1% of original
Loh - 16.5% of original.

So output % is not same for all perks & also there is a difference in LOH output for different items. Only FG team knows the calculation behind.

Guys how did you calculate those outputs ???

We will be slightly reworking the current Prestige levels. You will not need more Prestige, some boosts will be removed and some new ones added. A couple may be moved around. I will come back with the new list when it is finalised.


Yes, that’s why in the example I chose a very “bad” item out of the two. I observed that drop in values twice while refining, since I was only interested in transferring the strong perks to the hero (my GK, to be precise). The last time was when I wanted to add lightning to my Ajax. So I superforged a very good lightning item and dismantled it to the fire vest of my Ajax. The fire vest was very old but I didn’t mind since I’d have max fire resist anyway. Then I saw the huge drop in the lightning perk …


what i try do do is to use those two values that are not obscured and shown to estimate the value of the obscured perk.

but my experience for this is very limited as up to now i have always used proper forged items for refinings of nearly the same level, i have not dismantled trinkets and it only works if the perks can be compared (like elemental recistance) and where i know which perk is beeing transferd (some of the pictures above you cant tell and the transfer will be random). and the normalization process of the perk strength are also different from trinkets to normal items.

items in stock that have dropped before the new forge behave strange when forged (normal or refined) since they made an additional regularisation of the strength (from old forge to new forge). so you better dont use them for refining. i hope that it does not matter when i use such old items for refining uniques.

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maybe that item dropped in times of the old forge?
but to be save from surprises like that i would prefer the values not beeing obscured.

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Are you talking about items that are more than a year old?

To put things in perspective: when the new levels and the new (current) superforging system came out in late 2018, I was at ascension level 115 and had no idea about superforging. I self taught a lot by reading posts from Archimides, Dumpster and you, while doing a lot of experiments (which costed me a hell lot of resources and items). The refines that I mentioned was recent, and I still used that lightning+fire vest last war and only replaced it with a new refine this week.

While the transferred perk is trivial, the associated value is a lot more complicated that just a excel cheat sheet with a few multipliers. YMMV, but I like to be surprised, because if I am, it means that I thought that I understood the system but actually I didn’t. I creates new challenges and that’s what keeps me playing the game :wink:.