Privacy policy and Terms of use

A few minutes ago, after I entered this game, I found the following message about privacy policy and terms of use.

What does it happen if I accept of refuse?

you can’t refuse, or better, you can but you must uninstall the game ?

I prefer to have an answer from Flaregames staff and from the moderators.

so good luck bro :grinning:

If you refuse you get another message that if you don’t accept you can’t use the app (in this case, Royal Revolt 2)

If you accept life goes on.

All games and apps MUST update their privacy policy because of this: (check the first paragraphs)

it’s a global transition, not just for RR2. Protection of personal data has been updated so all games and apps must adapt to this or they get sanctions.

And tomorrow will be enforceable.

RODO came to life in EU, banks and all other institutions or companies using/storing personal data had to do this

They can’t talk to you about it until you click accept