Private Chat

There should be a option for private chat too, so we can chat with someone in person.

That would be nice. I feel like I have no way to communicate with anyone before or after they’re in my guild.

Although, we need to make it so that it’s abused. So that people don’t just curse out everyone. I think that you should only be allowed to chat with people on your Favorite’s List. That way, work has to be put into it (so people won’t abuse it) but yet it can still be a viable option.

no need to chat with players not in the alliance


I think a personal message system that uses the mailbox would be a better idea

the mailbox is alrdy in the game

I like the idea and i totally agree to talk with a specific person when there are important things to talk about.  :slight_smile:

currently we ( leaders and generals ) are using facebook group chat for private chat purposes.

facebook sucks!

i know, but what other option we have in this game. :slight_smile:

Hi, oPelle, I know you from the RR2-wiki, great work!! :slight_smile:


Maybe I wasn’t clear enough. In this game we ( leaders and generals ) have to talk on and off related to who to kick who to promote…who to invite…who is not donating etc etc…that kind of discussion cannot be done on alliance chat so we use facebook private group chat for it.


btw team speak is great tool but it’s more for big games like WOW where you need to lead a group of people in dungeons or raids. :slight_smile: